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"Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed." Dan Zarella

Google Analytics ExpertsOnline marketing is our passion. It empowers us to be creative, inventive and resourceful. But it starts with the data, analytics and stats available to give us the insight to take our ideas and inspiration to the next level.  We report the facts and use that information to constantly improve and modify our strategies and programs.

We believe in transparency and use a number of outside resources and analytical tools not only to help us optimize results, but also to report to our clients the results we're generating for them. We won't just tell you what we're going to do, and why we think it'll work, we'll show you the numbers, month after month, to illustrate exactly what it is we're doing and the impact it's having on your brand.

Analytics to increase business performance...

We use analytics data to understand how visitors are using a website, how people are responding to our content, which channels are driving the best traffic and so much more. Programs like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Facebook Insights, CrazyEgg, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and WebTrends all provide insightful information and data.  Sifting through that data, making sense of the numbers and turning insights into actionable optimization steps is what the E-Power team excels at.

By understanding the bigger picture of marketing, advertising and analytics, we're able to apply our specialized expertise in online marketing to generate the results that our clients are truly looking for.  It's about so much more to us than the basic "wins" in online marketing.  We're not happy until our clients are doing better business, and that means converting more traffic into the sales, leads or conversions they're looking for. 

Put your data to good use with E-Power Marketing...

Numbers are great, but understanding how to interpret and act on that data to make meaningful improvements can be a challenge.  Our team of digital marketing experts understands how to make sense of all the numbers available, and act on them to generate better results.  

Let our team of specialists translate your analytics for you, showing you how and where our efforts are working, and when we see problems that need to be addressed. We'll focus on the analytics, increasing traffic and improving conversions, so you can focus on how our results are impacting your bottom line! 

Did you know?

The E-Power team has experience working with a number of different analytics tools and services for our clients!  We are certified through Google Analytics and focus on optimizing our clients' profiles so that we can report the most accurate, timely data available.

We'd love to take a look at your web analytics and talk more about where we think you should be focusing your online marketing efforts!

We'll make sense of the data for you!
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