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Our Approach

E-Power team at work!
Every program is unique, but our Dedication is always the same

Since 1998, the team at E-Power Marketing has been committed to being the best possible online marketing agency. To us, that means we're delivering programs that drive measurable results, while making our clients' jobs easier. 

Every program we develop is custom.  Based on your goals, resources, target audiences and overall marketing strategy, we select the best possible mix of online channels to develop the right program for your brand.  No cookie cutter programs, no one size fits all strategies, just our team, doing what they do best, to generate ongoing results for your brand.

When you choose to partner with E-Power Marketing, you're gaining more than just a service provider.  We are an extension of your team, a true partner whom you trust.  We've thrived in a competitive industry because we're committed to providing long-term results with the best service.   
Unparalleled Professional Experience

The team at E-Power has over 60  years of combined online marketing experience. We've been successful for so long because of our commitment to excellence, best practices and our clients. Let our team of specialized online marketing professionals work with and for your brand to generate the long lasting results you deserve. We have the experience and expertise to make a real difference for your brand.

Open & Transparent Communication

We've been told time and time again that our customer service skills and open communication is a breath of fresh air in this industry.  We want all of our clients to understand what it is we're doing and why, so that they are empowered and educated. As a boutique agency, we have the flexibility to shift gears, answer phone calls and emails quickly and efficiently, so you won't be left hanging.

Commitment to Best practices

We love to follow the rules, because that's what generates the long term results. Nothing about our work is average, but we play by the book. Our work has never caused a client to suffer search engine penalties or violations.  We've done our fair share of clean-up work after inheriting another agency's mess, but our work is consistently principled.

Creative & strategic Programs

Online marketing truly is both an art and a science, and we love finding that balance for each of our clients. With a flair for the creative and the common sense to implement sustainable programs, the team at E-Power loves to put all the pieces together in just the right way to meet and exceed our clients' business goals.

Ongoing training & professional development

Our team has an eclectic background, with education and experience in marketing, public relations, radio, TV & film, Management Information Systems, psychology, interactive web management and journalism.  We build on this foundation through ongoing education and training, seminars, webinars, conferences and more.  We take every opportunity to stay on top of the industry, so that our clients don't have to!

complete program implementation & maintenance

We understand how busy our clients are, which is why we do anything and everything we can to make their lives easier. Most often, this can be seen in our ability to handle every step of our online marketing programs. From strategy and implementation to maintenance and optimization, all of our work is done in-house.  

Put our team to work for your brand!