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13 Ways to Prepare for the Holidays

Adrian Bredeson
by Adrian Bredeson on Jul 6, 2017 3:55:00 PM

Consumers are spending more and more time online researching their options before most purchases. As the holiday season approaches, shoppers will be searching online to create a well-thought-out gift-buying plan, with only 1 in 5 purchases being impulse buys and over half of gift purchases being planned in advance.

It may be summer now, but the holidays are just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to start generating the brand awareness and product buzz to set the stage for your busiest holiday season yet. Here are some important tips for preparing for the holidays:

  1. Focus on brand awareness: Shoppers today have more options than ever before. You have to put in the time and resources to set your brand apart!
  2. Talk to your retailers: How are they preparing for the holidays? What promotions are they running? Give them every reason possible to want to showcase your brand in their stores.
  3. Audit your ecommerce process: When was the last time you tried to make a purchase on your site or through an online retailer?  Was it easy to buy your products? Troubleshooting that process now will save a lot of time and stress when the busy holidays hit.
  4. Outline your holiday specific marketing needs: From banner ads to website design to email campaigns, it's never too early to start planning for the assets that will set your brand apart this holiday season.
  5. Connect with your audience: Consumers expect authenticity, and that can't be rushed. Start engaging with your fans now, so that when they're making their holiday purchases, it's your brand their buying and praising.
  6. Think mobile: Consumers are researching and shopping on mobile more than ever.  How does your website and ecommerce funnel work on mobile? Don't lose a customer because your competitor's site works better on mobile. 
  7. Consider new advertising channels: Don't rely on the marketing and advertising strategies of the past, always be on the lookout for new ways to get the word out!
  8. Up your content marketing: From gift guides to wishlists to "where to buy" CTA's, now is the time to spark real interest in your brand and make it easier then ever for shoppers to find you!
  9. Cross Promote: Work with your retailers, media contacts and other industry partners to promote your business on new channels, and do the same for them!  Just make sure your strategy is integrated, relevant and targeted.
  10. Consider influencer marketing: Who is your audience going to as the ultimate trend setters? How can they help you reach more shoppers?  Influencer marketing can be an incredibly helpful holiday marketing strategy!
  11. Outperform other customer service teams: What can you do to provide better customer service? Can you offer better prices, shipping offers, or add-ons? What are some perks you can offer that your competition can't?  
  12. Tell your story: If you don't  have an easy to find, easy to read brand story online yet, do it now!  Give people a reason to believe in your brand and love your products!
  13. Adopt a cause: Figure out a way your brand can give back, or make it easy for your customers to do so when they purchase from you. Whether you donate a portion of proceeds of your holiday sales, or you operate a zero waste manufacturing facility, brag about it! Let people know what they're supporting when they purchase your products.

Overwhelmed? Don't be! The holidays are just around the corner, but there's still time to implement a strategic, impactful holiday marketing campaign for your brand.  The earlier you get started, the more opportunities you will create for your brand!

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Adrian Bredeson
Written by Adrian Bredeson
As Director, SEO and Social Media at E-Power Marketing, Adrian is primarily focused on the organic success of client programs through SEO, social media and content marketing. Adrian also heads up the agency's marketing initiatives. With a background in psychology and PR, her passion for telling a brand's story by understanding and engaging with their target audiences has been put to good use at E-Power!

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