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A Look Back on the Search Marketing Industry - Way Back Wednesday Series

Adrian Bredeson
by Adrian Bredeson on Feb 8, 2007 11:58:00 AM

Way Back WednesdaySince 1998, the team at E-Power Marketing has monitored the highs and lows of the search marketing industry. On too many occasions, we have seen the devastating results many Websites suffer at the hands of other self-proclaimed search experts not keeping up with the times. In the Way Back Wednesday series, we will explain the search marketing tactics of the past and facilitate the discussions on each week's topic on our Continuing Saga of Search Engine Marketing Blog and our @EPowerMarketing Twitter account (watch for the #waybackSEM hashtag). Join us every Wednesday this summer and let us take you way back into the world of outdated and deceitful search marketing tactics.

Way Back Wednesday Posts

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Adrian Bredeson
Written by Adrian Bredeson
As Director, SEO and Social Media at E-Power Marketing, Adrian is primarily focused on the organic success of client programs through SEO, social media and content marketing. Adrian also heads up the agency's marketing initiatives. With a background in psychology and PR, her passion for telling a brand's story by understanding and engaging with their target audiences has been put to good use at E-Power!

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