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Google Analytics Tips #1 - Link Tagging

Justin Tadych
by Justin Tadych on Oct 9, 2007 10:36:00 AM

So you have migrated from your expensive, non-functional, Analytics software to the free Google Analytics software. But now what do you do? There is a lot of information that you need to absorb when learning analytics, but how do you take advantage of it all? First off I recommend reading through the Google Analytics Support Center. There is tons of information here filled with interesting tips and tricks you can do with Google Analytics. So I thought I would save you some time learning analytics and share some interesting tips and tricks you can perform with Google Analytics to better track what is going on with your site.

Link Tagging in Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a link tagging feature that let's you tag any link on your site. How does this help? Have you ever wondered how many visitors leave your site from Downloads, Outgoing Links, PDF's or even outgoing emails? Well with a simple piece of code you can do just that.

If you have noticed I began all link tags with "outgoing". Why did I do this? This can help you to sort all outgoing links within the Google Analytics interface. Where do I see this data within Google Analytics?

1) Log Into Your Account
2) On the Left Navigation in the interface click > Content
3) Then Select > Top Content
4) Then in this search box at the bottom type in whatever outgoing links you are looking for. So if you are looking for outgoing emails search outgoing_email and this will give you all instances of people using your email.

Why is this Helpful?

Tracking outgoing links, email, pdf or other downloads can help you get a handle on what people are looking for when they come to your site. It can also help you place the outgoing links, email, PDF or other downloads in better spots on your site, allowing you to have better control of the Usability of your site. After all, you don't want people leaving your site if it has no benefit to you!

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Justin Tadych
Written by Justin Tadych
Justin is our Assistant VP, Online Marketing, focusing on online advertising strategies and services. Priding himself on running the most effective and efficient ad programs possible, Justin focuses on maximizing Return On Investment while generating the best possible results for our clients' online advertising programs.

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