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LocalAdLink reps optimize for "LocalAdLink scam"

Larry Stopa
by Larry Stopa on Jun 19, 2009 10:10:00 AM

Why do so many LocalAdLink reps search optimize Web pages and place ads targeting "LocalAdLink scam?"

You can see this by searching "LocalAdLink scam" on Google. Look at the numerous ads from LocalAdLink reps targeting "LocalAdLink scam." You can also see pages and ads by LocalAdLink reps optimizing for "LocalAdLink scam" by searching on Bing and Yahoo.

Why is "LocalAdLink scam" so popular to optimize for?

First off, LocalAdLink makes fraudulent claims. It grossly overstates traffic claming "millions of visitors a day" whereas it attracts only a few hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. It claims partnerships with top Web sites, though it has no special relationships except for using Google AdWords content network where its ads occasionally appear on these sites. It promises commissions to its sales reps, though many LocalAdLink reps claim not being paid the commissions they are due.

Many in the search engine marketing and multilevel marketing (MLM) communities, as well as former LocalAdLink reps have noted how LocalAdLink is a scam. See:

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Report: LocalAdLink, Local Ad Link, Local Ad Link MLM Scam

Local AdLink - Opportunity or Scam?

So there are many posts on the Web claiming LocalAdLink is a scam. No wonder so many Web pages from LocalAdLink and its reps are trying to knock these posts down in search results.

Nonetheless, the complaints are numerous and consistent. LocalAdLink does not deliver like it claims. The "millions of visitors a day" from top Web sites has never materialized into reality.

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Larry Stopa
Written by Larry Stopa
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