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E-Power Marketing turns 11 years old!

Larry Stopa
by Larry Stopa on Jul 2, 2009 1:57:00 PM

Yes! E-Power Marketing is officially a Tween!

Back in July 1998 Google did not exist. Today it is head and shoulders above the others, and is by far the most important search engine.

Staying current with search marketing to maintain client satisfaction has never been easy. Today it continues to become more challenging.

Search marketing has grown incredibly complex. Though on-site search optimization has stabilized due to the no-nonsense algorithms of Google, off-page factors that influence search visibility are changing rapidly. Web directories had long been the cornerstone of in-bound linking. Today most free directories are ignored, viewed as not important by Google.

Instead links established by Web users have become important. This has made Social Media Marketing highly effective for improving natural search visibility, especially on Google.

Social Media Marketing is growing ever more complex with new social sites and applications. Twitter has become a powerful marketing tool. Facebook is great for interacting with friends - and to interact with your customers. LinkedIn provides terrific networking opportunities. MySpace, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Mixx and thousands of other Social sites provide platforms for effective promotion and marketing. Each has its own application in online marketing. Each requires its own strategy for successful implementation. Each creates pitfalls for businesses that do not use them properly.

The Web is more important than ever for both consumer and business-to-business marketing. Companies that have ignored search marketing, implemented ineffective or inconsistent search marketing are now in the position of serious catch-up if they are to remain competitive.

With search marketing growing ever more important to business competitiveness, demand is growing rapidly. This is attracting more companies claiming to offer search marketing. As search marketing is so complex and requires well-honed skills built through experience, few of these new "search marketers" are effective.

Search marketing scams have been common throughout the history of search marketing. As demand grows and few really understand the intricacies of search marketing, more scams backed with sophisticated marketing schemes but without substance are emerging. Watch out for Search Marketing scams to avoid.

I look forward to the growth of E-Power Marketing and online marketing for many years to come. The challenges offer limitless satisfaction.

And you can't beat a job where you sit all day surfing the Web.

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Larry Stopa
Written by Larry Stopa
Since establishing E-Power Marketing® in 1998, Larry has grown it to become a highly successful business focused on generating the results that impact our clients' bottom line. Larry oversees all client programs, new business initiatives and leads the team to continued growth and ongoing education.

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