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E-Power Marketing's New Site Educates Web Site Owners about Search Engine Marketing

Larry Stopa
by Larry Stopa on Oct 16, 2009 9:14:00 AM

E-Power Marketing's new Web site is live!

The site is loaded with content for Web site owners to educate themselves about current best practices of Search Engine Marketing. The information will empower Web site owners to choose more effective search marketers to partner with or to do the search marketing themselves with better results.

The Web site thoroughly covers Search Engine Marketing.

Want to understand the jargon? There is a Search Engine Marketing Glossary.

Want to know whether you are receiving effective Search Engine Marketing? Review How to Demand Truly Effective Search Marketing.

Want to know why Social Media Marketing is so Hot? Visit The Online Marketing Power of Social Media – Web 2.0.

Are you unhappy with the results you are receiving from your Pay Per Click advertising budget? Then you need to read How can You Benefit from PPC Management and Optimization.

Do you want proper measurement of your search marketing efforts? Then learn about Google Analytics.

If you really want to capture the power of the Web to build your business, then you need to read Using a Blog to Build Search Visibility and Customer Relationships.

Are you looking for Search Engine Optimization tips? We have SEO tips based on current search engine algorithms.

Did you know that Google objects to many common Web development techniques? Many Web developers are not aware that some of these techniques cause problems with Google. If you want current information about how to build Web sites that will work well on Google and the other search engines, contact E-Power Marketing for a Free Guide to Developing Search Engine Friendly Web Sites.

E-Power Marketing's Web site has all this and more so you can use the Web and search engines to build a new competitive edge and fulfill your Web Site investment.

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Larry Stopa
Written by Larry Stopa
Since establishing E-Power Marketing® in 1998, Larry has grown it to become a highly successful business focused on generating the results that impact our clients' bottom line. Larry oversees all client programs, new business initiatives and leads the team to continued growth and ongoing education.