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Google Analytics Intelligence: A Great Way to Stay Current with Your Google Analytics Program

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Dec 2, 2009 10:26:00 AM

Google Analytics Intelligence is a great new feature that alerts you of significant deviations in your Google Analytics data. This feature tracks the trends in your data and flags any changes in data that are not typical of your site.

For example, if your traffic rises 400% in one day and this is not a normal spike in your data, Google Analytics Intelligence will place an alert on that day's data. These alerts allow you to stay updated with your Google Analytics program. Google Analytics Intelligence eliminates the hassle of checking each of your reports to find out if something strange is going on with your Web site.

You have the option to set both automatic alerts and/or custom alerts to. These alerts flag your data anytime something happens with your Web site that is not a "normal" part of the trend in your data.

Automatic alerts are pre set by Google Analytics Intelligence to alert you when there is a drastic change in any of your data. Without alerts, you may miss something important that occurred on your Web site. Once you set alerts, Google Analytics Intelligence also goes back and puts alerts into your historical data.

Google Analytics

In this example, an alert showed because there was 190% increase in Pageviews for a particular day.

Google Intelligence also tells you what the expected range is for your data, so you know when an alert will be triggered. In this example the expected range is 26-95 Pageviews. Since there were 236 page views, which is not in the range, the alert was triggered.

Perhaps a page isn't working properly or displaying a "404 Page Not Found" error and your Bounce Rate spikes on that page. Without an alert you may not discover right away that a page isn't working properly and you could potentially lose business because of it. Google Analytics Intelligence cannot tell you why something abnormal occurred in your data, but it can alert you when something happens. You can then go back and diagnose why the unusual activity occurred and how to correct it.

You also have the option to set custom alerts for your Web site. Choose your traffic source and a metric and create as many alerts as you would like. You have the ability to apply the same custom alert across multiple accounts and profiles, so you don't need to create alerts in each individual profile.

Perhaps you want to be alerted when your visits drop to a certain level or when a bounce rate increases by more than 25% on a Landing Page compared to the previous day.

Google Analytics Alerts

Google Analytics Intelligence allows you to get specific with your alerts. Another great feature is the option to receive an e-mail notification when an alert is activated so you don't need to repeatedly check your accounts. Google Analytics Intelligence will do that for you.

Setting up alerts with Google Analytics Intelligence is a great way to keep updated on Web site activity without looking through large amounts of data. Set up e-mail alerts so you can be the first to know when something changes with your Web site. Try it out and see what your Web site is up to!

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