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Improve PPC with Google Analytics Integration

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Dec 8, 2009 12:22:00 PM

Looking for your "sweet spot" in Google AdWords? Google Analytics can help! Google Analytics allows you to gather information about your Google AdWords Campaigns that Google AdWords alonedoes not provide. Google Analytics and Google AdWords can be integrated to greatly improve the analysis of your Pay Per Click (PPC) programs. In Google Analytics as in Google AdWords, you can see what keywords are driving your conversions (lead generation or sales) as well as how many conversions are occurring because of each individual keyword. This information can have positive effects on your PPC campaigns and can help you find your “sweet spot”.

Basic uses of Google Analytics with Google AdWords

Google Analytics can show your conversions by keyword which is an invaluable resource for Google AdWords users. Here you can see which keywords are creating the most conversions and which keywords aren’t creating any. Keywords that are creating a high number of conversions are a great place to focus your resources. You may be focusing money on keywords that don’t create any conversions. Doesn’t that seem like a waste of time and money?

In the "Ad Versions" report you can compare metrics for each ad. Here you can see how your ad is performing in relation to goal conversions, site usage, and eCommerce. You see which ads are achieving the most goals, the most visits, the longest time on the site, the highest number of pages per visit, the lowest bounce rate, and the percent of new visits. Looking at the bounce rate can give you insight into whether your ads are relevant to the audience that is clicking on them.

Additionally you can use the "keywords positions" report in Google Analytics to see how the position of your ad affected your performance. Are your ads in the best possible position given your budget to produce the ROI you are looking for? Maybe simply moving your ad will give you a better ROI.

Google Analytics Can Go Above and Beyond the Information Google AdWords Provides

Do you want your campaigns to be more specific by targeting a more localized audience? Use Map Overlay to see where your visitors are coming from geographically. This will give you an idea, in picture form, of where you can target your audience using location-specific campaigns. This is a great tool for refining your campaign to meet local needs and not available unless Google Analytics integration is properly set up.

Another way to refine your campaign is to place your ads within the Content Network of Google AdWords. You can hand select these sites within Google AdWords or you can use Google Analytics to capitalize on sites that are already sending you organic traffic using the "referring sites" report. This report gives you a list of all the sites that drive organic traffic to your Web site. You can then take this list of referring sites and place them in the "List URLs" option under "Target Your Ad: Identify Placement." Now you can advertise within the Content Network on sites that you know already refer organic traffic to your Web site, allowing you to further increase your exposure on an already relevant site.

Of course, like other Google Analytics data, you need to focus on trends. Don’t throw all of your money into a keyword that had great conversions one month but showed poor conversions every other month of the year. You want to look for keywords that show consistency in conversions. You also want to look at the trends in keywords. Some become more popular or less popular with time. You can't always put all of your resources into one keyword forever. Google Analytics can help you see these trends and help you make better PPC decisions.


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