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Your Website is a Marketing Engine — Let the Marketers Steer

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Sep 24, 2010 8:37:00 AM

You put your Website online to get results — but you're not achieving your goals. What went wrong? Why is your site not driving more business?

If you're seeing stagnant sales, it might be time to reexamine who's on the team developing your site's content. Too many businesses put their trust in their IT personnel because Websites involve computers. However, your business's site has more to do with marketing than computers.

While many IT experts are excellent when it comes to technological functions, your site isn't simply a collection of html and flashy JavaScript. In the online age, your Website is your chief marketing platform so let the marketing department lead the effort.

To the IT department, a successful site might mean flawless code, perfect links and sharp graphics. But, notice that this checklist for achievement is not client-focused — unless Web designers comprise your target audience. Marketing professionals will approach your site from an alternate perspective because their brains are wired toward the client and, ultimately, the sale. From a marketing viewpoint, an effective site will include:

  • Motivating content: Marketers have the ability to create content that will sell the buyer on your product or service, without being flippant or dull. This team will use market research to create the right blend of intriguing and informative text that affirms the buyer's trust in your product or service and motivates them to respond.
  • Online visibility: Great content is worth little if your constituents can't find you online. Marketers who are well versed in current and effective search engine optimization practices will take the proper steps to increase search visibility.
  • Search Engine Friendliness: Code that is exciting to program is often not search engine friendly. Make sure whoever develops your Website truly knows the current details and issues that make for a search engine friendly Website. Otherwise your long-term search visibility will suffer costing you the business results you expect.
  • Opportunities to participate: The digital age has given everyone a microphone — and they're itching to turn up the amps. A winning site provides platforms for discussion and feedback as well as rewards for interaction. While total transparency can be daunting, a good marketing team will aim to create meaningful interaction while addressing, rather than ignoring, any kinks your audience finds in your product or service. Your audience will reward transparent businesses that value their opinions.
  • Quality promotion: Your marketing team will have access to the resources necessary to integrate your Website into your brand's other marketing channels or to create avenues of promotion.

While an IT professional might know how to construct the nuts and bolts of a Website, it takes the skills of a marketing department to engineer a message that will attract your audience and motivate them to respond. Hand the reins over to the proper team so they can drive the priorities base on your business goals. From that point, the IT department can use their expertise to execute the plan on the Website.

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