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Yes, You Can Enjoy Superb Google Organic Search Visibility

Larry Stopa
by Larry Stopa on Feb 20, 2012 2:25:00 PM

You probably know that top Google organic search positions can make significant contributions to the bottom-line of businesses that enjoy them. The high value of Google organic search visibility means that countless dedicated, experienced and talented search marketers are competing for top search positions. If your team does not have the skills to match your competitors’ search marketers, then your online marketing is at a significant disadvantage.

An obvious red flag is if you invested in search engine optimization, but are not seeing results. If this is the case, then you need to determine why your SEO is not working.

There are many steps that need to be implemented now and in the long-term for you to enjoy superb Google search visibility. With so much at stake for your business, you need to make a commitment to doing search marketing right.

Answer these six questions and you will know what actions to take so you can enjoy the benefits of targeted, high quality traffic from Google.

Are you sure your Website is Search Engine Friendly?

Google penalizes countless Websites for a variety of common technical missteps. You need SEO experts to sort through the unique behavior of your Website and the myriad of issues that Google deems unacceptable. For example, does your Website have the same content on multiple Web pages? That is not unusual. But the result is that your Website is sabotaging its own search visibility.

Do you have multiple domains that point to the same Website? If so, then your multiple domains might be working against you and are hurting your search positions. Google has no problem with multiple domains pointing the same Website, as long as the domains are setup correctly so they do not look like Spam. That means aligning your domains with the same Administrative Contact, Technical Contact and Name Servers details.

Can Googlebot crawl all the links in your Website? If not, then you are creating roadblocks to search visibility.

Do you offer strong content that interests and benefits your target audience?

Search visibility starts with strong content that attracts your target audience. Strong content holds visitors to your Website and generates links from other Websites. Both factors improve search visibility.

You have to be honest with yourself. Is there content on your Website that will hold a potential customer's interest? Does your content make your site worthy of Google search visibility? For you to win top Google search positions, you need content that is stronger and more informative than the content on the Websites that currently hold those top positions.

Consider what content will feed the curiosities and interests of your target audience, then develop it. Be the voice of authority in your industry. When you are, then your audience will gravitate to you, along with top Google search visibility.

Is your Website search engine optimized for today’s Google algorithms?

Now that you have strong content, you need to search optimize it based on Google’s current algorithms. Unless you are doing search optimization every day, you may well be basing your SEO on antiquated techniques, which is not uncommon.

For example, are you building links by submitting articles to content farms populated by tens of thousands of articles about every subject under the sun? Google neutralized this strategy with its Panda update in February 2011.

E-Power Marketing’s Blog featured a series explaining a number of SEO practices that are no longer effective. How many of these techniques is your site still depending on?

Hidden Content
Keyword Density
Stuffing Keywords in Meta-Tags
Search Engine Submissions
Spammy Link Building Schemes with Low Quality Websites
Link Dumping - Spamming Blog or Forum Comment Sections
Microsites, PageRank Sculpting and Misspellings
IP Cloaking and Black Hat SEO
Building Links with Automated Directory Submissions
Content Scraping, aka Plagiarism

Do you use Social Media Marketing to promote your Website and to attract valuable links?

Google responds well to Social Media Marketing. Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Social Bookmarking sites, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and others to promote the strong content that you should be developing. You don’t need to use all these social channels. But you must use some of them. These channels can create viral opportunities for your strong content that will result in user generated links that Google rewards with better search visibility.

Do you have an active, growing Web presence?

Static Websites make Google (and potential customers) yawn. If you do not make the commitment to develop new content regularly, then you can forget improving your search visibility. A growing Website is a key component of the Google algorithm for your Website to EARN search visibility.

Is your search marketing executed by experienced search marketers whose career is search marketing?

Effective SEO demands practicing the art and science of search engine optimization every day. Without experienced, dedicated search marketers, you are at a supreme disadvantage on Google. There are many self-proclaimed experts in SEO and Social Media Marketing. Don’t be paying them to learn the craft on your dime.

Is your Web developer implementing your SEO? Then you have a Web developer, not a search marketer, doing your SEO, there is a difference. Don’t expect your IT team to know search engine optimization. They are not marketers, much less search marketers. When you've invested the time and resources into developing a Website for your brand, don't neglect the SEO side of things. Invest in professional, experience, specialized search marketers to guide your Website to top search visibility.


These are clear strategies and tactics that will deliver the business benefits of superb Google organic search visibility. Notice how there are no gimmicks or quick fixes. It is about hard work directed at specific actions. Make the commitment and do it right, and you will soon earn Google organic search visibility.

Larry Stopa is President of E-Power Marketing. He has practiced Search Engine Optimization since 1998.

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Larry Stopa
Written by Larry Stopa
Since establishing E-Power Marketing® in 1998, Larry has grown it to become a highly successful business focused on generating the results that impact our clients' bottom line. Larry oversees all client programs, new business initiatives and leads the team to continued growth and ongoing education.

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