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Google Search in the Blink of an Eye

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Jul 13, 2012 10:00:00 AM

How exactly does a Google search work? Well, that used to be the million dollar question. But as search engines have become more transparent, Google has become relatively generous about sharing the answer to this question. In fact, earlier this month, Mashable received an infographic from the Google team that shows the journey of a search on the site, and was kind enough to share it with the rest of us SEO fanatics. Let's take a look...

Google's work is never done. Even if there isn't a search being performed the spiders aren't taking a break from 'crawling' the Web and collecting data. Google describes the Web as a million page book and their job is to create a directory for that book. So far, Google has spent one million hours building their 100 million plus gigabyte index.

Everyday there are billions of searches on Google and since 2003, the search engine has answered 450 billion new unique queries it has never seen before. In fact, 16% of searches each day are new.

As soon as you start to type your search, Google's algorithms go to work and the search query starts its 1,500 mile trek, hitting different data centers around the world along the way, at nearly the speed of light, to get the answer back to you in a split second.

From the words on the Webpage to the freshness and quality of content to the URL and title of the Webpage, the algorithm uses over 200 signals to decide which of the millions of pages are the most relevant to your search.

Duplicate content on Web pages may 'fill-up' the white space or look 'professional', but it's hurting the quality of your site. Get your creative juices flowing; come up with unique content for each page and watch as your Website begins to rise to the top of the search results. Also, don't forget to spell check your content, as Google's algorithm frowns on misspelled words.

One more, quick tip from the E-Power team before we reach the end of the post: putting links on your site will help with rankings; but don't go 'link crazy' and link to anything and everything. Make sure they're quality links as Google looks at the authority of those links. The number of other quality sites linking to your site is also important to the algorithm. For more tips to make your Website search engine friendly, check out the blog post How Do Search Engines Do That?

Google is becoming more transparent as they continue to share details about what goes on behind the scenes to make their products work. The E-Power team is looking forward to finding out the next area that Google will shed some light on. What do you think it'll be? Let us know by commenting on the E-Power Facebook Page or tweeting @EPowerMarketing.

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