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Meet the E-Power Team – President, Larry Stopa

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Jul 26, 2012 9:11:00 AM


Larry with his family, wife Jennie, daughter Pearl and son Casimir, in a cave at Peninsula State Park in Door County, Wisconsin.

Since most of E-Power Marketing’s work is done behind the screen, the E-Power team thought we would give readers a peek at who is doing the work. E-Power is introducing its “Meet the E-Power Team” Blog series. Over the next nine weeks, we will publish a Blog post interviewing our employees, so you can get to know each of the players on the E-Power team.

What better way to kick off the “Meet the Team” Blog series than by starting with E-Power Marketing’s President and founder, Larry Stopa.

Larry has always been interested in technology. He was able to pursue this passion during his time working in marketing communications focused mainly with technology companies. As the Internet started to grow in popularity and opportunity, Larry had a whole new area of technology to explore! He soon realized that the fast growth of the Web would quickly change how people communicate. This foresight and intuition proved invaluable for E-Power Marketing.

Larry broke away from his job in marketing communications to pursue what he knew would be huge: Organic Search Engine Optimization. In 1998, he established E-Power Marketing in a Chicago bedroom. Larry’s instinct proved to be correct. He soon picked up coast-to-coast clients and needed a larger space for his rapidly growing search marketing business. After two years of business success, Larry moved E-Power Marketing to an office building in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in August of 2000 with plenty of room to grow. Overlooking the Fox River and Lake Winnebago in downtown Oshkosh, E-Power Marketing has thrived in the open air office Larry created for the team.

As President of E-Power Marketing, Larry takes pride in leading the team in doing what is most effective and best for the client. This means avoiding the latest gimmicks or fads and focusing on the ethical, long term solutions that work. Larry said one of the most important parts of his job is quality assurance, which means doing whatever it takes for clients to gain long term search visibility. In order to do that, Larry always needs to be thinking at least one step ahead to try to guess what the unpredictable search engines will do next and pre-emptively act on that. At work, there is nothing Larry loves more than when he sees a breakthrough for a client, such as new search positions or high valued phrase. As the President, Larry keeps an eye on all of the client programs, while continuously looking for ways to enhance the business for better long term results for our clients.

One of Larry’s favorite parts of his job is the diverse clients he gets to work with as well as the open-air office. Windows wrap around two of the office’s four walls and the office overlooks Lake Winnebago which Larry likes because he is an outdoorsman. When he’s not at work, Larry loves mountain biking, bird watching and anything else outdoors. He enjoys living in Wisconsin not only because it is a great place for his family, but because of the diverse outdoor activities it has to offer.

The E-Power team appreciates Larry’s hard work and dedication to his company; we truly enjoy working for him. His commitment to our clients and the industry paired with the workplace environment he has crafted allow us to work as a team to improve our clients online search visibility and further our knowledge and education in a fun, enthusiastic atmosphere.

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E-Power Marketing
Written by E-Power Marketing
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