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SlideShare: Present Yourself - Social Media Stage

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Aug 14, 2012 2:31:00 PM


With 60 million monthly visitors, SlideShare is the world's largest network for sharing presentations and is a great content marketing platform. Founded in October 2006, it is considered to have a concept similar to YouTube, dealing with slideshows rather than YouTube's videos. It is a professional and educational community where users research and discuss business and technology topics through the use of presentations, documents, PDFs, webinars and videos.

Users upload documents to SlideShare with the purpose of sharing content, performing research, connecting with others, and generating business leads. Here's a fun fact for the Social Media enthusiasts: the SlideShare team reports that there are 51,853 presentations tagged "Social Media" in their system (SlideShare, 2012).

Customer Interaction

SlideShare is ideal for both publicly sharing your ideas with millions of viewers, and privately sharing information with colleagues and clients, essentially any small group you want to share a presentation with. SlideShare lets you get creative with your delivery, without losing focus of the end goal of educating your customers.

If you're just getting started, begin by searching for people who share similar content as you to grow your professional network. Once you get the hang of things and have uploaded at least one presentation, it's time to start building relationships and interacting with your connections by commenting on, rating or sharing their slide decks.

SlideShare Business is an extended edition of SlideShare and offers two powerful tools for sharing: LeadShare and AdShare. LeadShare helps you to generate business leads by connecting you to your customers through your content via embedding a form within your presentations. While AdShare lets you promote your content to a targeted audience.

Brand Exposure

As one of the top 150 sites on the Web, SlideShare offers excellent online visibility for your brand allowing you to reach a whole new audience that you may not have found otherwise. Make your channel an extension of your brand to stand out in the crowd; get a custom look and feel for your account that resembles your brand's spirit. With SlideShare, you can now showcase your industry expertise to a professional network of people to help build your reputation and increase your brand exposure.

Each day 15 presentations are chosen by the editorial team to be featured on the Homepage. You should make it your goal to have one of your decks featured. Here are a few tips to help you potentially grab hold of a featured spot on SlideShare: create compelling content, add an interesting title with a strong description that will compel readers to click on the presentation, optimize your presentation with keywords, market your presentation via other channels, or drop a hint to the editorial team by tweeting the URL of your presentation and "tip" to the @slideshare account.

Website Traffic

Similar to YouTube, traffic typically goes to the presentations and stays on SlideShare. However, SlideShare does allow presentations to be embedded onto personal Websites and Blogs. Take advantage of this capability to increase the number of views and shares of your presentations. Also, include your brand name and logo at both the beginning and end of the presentation, as well as a link to your Website to encourage viewers to visit your site and learn more about your brand.

SEO Opportunities

Popular, keyword-optimized SlideShare presentations often rise to the top of the SERPs. Going back to the SEO basics for Social Media, to get higher search visibility, your content must be compelling and attractive enough that readers will want to share it. Most internet users turn to search engines such as Google to get answers to their questions, so it makes sense that SlideShare reports that over half of its traffic originates from a search for information on business or technology related topics. Take advantage of SlideShare's search visibility by sharing quality information and place your brand in front of consumers when they're actively searching for answers to their questions.

Have you created a SlideShare account for your brand yet? How are you using this Social Media platform, or what's holding you back? Let us know by using the #SocialMediaStage on Twitter, posting a comment to our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!


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