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Delicious: Discover Yourself! - Social Media Stage

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Sep 4, 2012 10:15:00 AM

Delicious is a Social Bookmarking Website that gives people a place to organize, store, share and discover Web bookmarks. Social Bookmarking is the process of saving links to a public Website and "tagging" them with keywords to make it easier for you and other users to retrieve it at a later date. Tagging is a large part of Social Bookmarking. It is a way of categorizing information. People can search for resources that registered users have created based on keyword tags, personal collections or popularity.

Founded in 2003, Delicious was acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. In early 2011, Delicious was purchased by AVOS, a company guided by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. After a complete reconstruction of the site, it re-launched in fall 2011 to the current version in use today. Delicious is a great place for pooling Web resources and sharing them with people who share similar interests. The simple interface places focus on content curation and discovery.

Customer Interaction

Communication is not Delicious's primary strength, though it does offer a few features to make users' experiences more social, such as the ability to follow like-minded people. Members of the site can choose to follow other registered users who bookmark and share content of similar interests. This can help to build a community on Delicious and reach an audience you may not have otherwise found. To keep track of the people you follow, simply click on the "My Feed" tab; within that tab you will find the latest updates from those you choose to follow.

Continuing its endeavors to be more social, Delicious's most recent update integrates users' Delicious accounts with their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Delicious introduced Twitter Connector which gives users the option to connect their Twitter accounts to their Delicious accounts. In doing this, links that are included in a tweet are automatically saved to a user's Delicious account. After seeing the success of this tool, Delicious introduced Facebook Connector which follows the same concept of Twitter Connector for links shared on Facebook.

Brand Exposure

If the main goal of your Social Media Marketing strategy is to gain brand exposure, it's fair to say Delicious does not provide enough ongoing brand recognition for it to be a valuable investment of your time. People use Social Bookmarking sites with the main intent of storing content for later retrieval. This makes it difficult for businesses to create a strong brand presence on bookmarking sites like Delicious. While the integration with Twitter and Facebook makes it easier for brands to maintain and manage their Delicious accounts, Delicious is not the best Social Media channel for increasing your brand's exposure.

Website Traffic

Though gaining traffic from Social Bookmarking sites is not as much of a benefit as it used to be, sites like Delicious can still generate a fair amount of traffic to your site. Instead of searching for a page of your Website on a search engine time and time again, people will return to their Delicious account and visit your site through that bookmark. Therefore, bookmarked links can lead to a steady flow of traffic over time as people will revisit the resources they have saved.

SEO Opportunities

Social Bookmarking is an often used tactic to get backlinks to your site which improves search visibility. A direct link to your site is created each time one of your Web pages is bookmarked on Delicious. Creating quality backlinks should be your primary motivation for building an optimized Social Bookmarking campaign, above driving traffic or brand exposure. The backlinks created by Delicious and other Social Bookmarking sites offer SEO opportunities, and should be considered as valuable resources when outlining your Social Media Marketing plan.

Have you created a Delicious account for your brand yet? How are you using this Social Media platform, or what's holding you back? Let us know by using the #SocialMediaStage on Twitter, posting a comment to our Facebook Page or leaving a comment below!

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