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Quora: Connecting You to Everything You Want to Know - Social Media Stage

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Sep 18, 2012 3:35:00 PM

Ever wonder where the best place is to get quality answers to your random questions; especially when you need to go beyond simply entering your question in a search engine? Well, Quora is here to deliver you those answers by connecting you to everything you want to know about a subject. As a real-time, crowdsourcing question-and-answer social community, it aspires to provide people an easy place to write, edit, organize, find and share content on the web.

Organized by people and their interests, Quora makes it easy to find, collect, and share the information most valuable to your. Quality is important to the Former Facebook engineers, Charlie Cheever and Adam D'Angelo, who founded the site in June 2009 and made it available to the public one year later.

Customer Interaction


Since the community is filled with people who want and share information, Quora is an excellent way to communicate with those high-level customers. The Home page feed is based on questions, topics and people that a user follows. Therefore you can be confident that your content is going to the right targeted audience who opt into what you have to say. Quora boards are a collection of subjects that you write about and find. They offer great opportunities to interact with others by you simply adding them as a contributor to your board. Now you can collaborate and discuss ideas with those interested in your chosen topics.

You can either review all questions that have been posted by users, or you can go one step further and create custom review queues. Review queues allow you to track changes about a specific topic which help you to stay current with all things related to your expertise and make it easier to provide a quick response. Also, be aware of blank question pages, as they provide an opportunity for you to reach an audience who is eagerly waiting for an answer. Responding to a blank question is a great way to share your knowledge and establish yourself as an industry expertise.

Brand Exposure


Quora excels as more of a personal branding tool, rather than a corporate branding tool. If you're looking for a resource where you can gain brand exposure for your business (similar to how Facebook Brand Pages work), Quora is not the best option. With that said, there is a more indirect way for your business to gain exposure through Quora.

When it comes to Social Networks and advertising in general, people are more responsive to information when received from an actual individual, as opposed to a business. If you're business is set on joining Quora, have a person who holds a higher-level position that will be viewed as a credible source to be the face of the account. A bio, which is displayed next to a users name on their answers, is the perfect place to demonstrate your expertise and slip in the company name. For example, if Larry Stopa, the Founder and President of E-Power Marketing, Inc., joined Quora to gain brand exposure for the company, his description may be "Larry Stopa, Founder of E-Power Marketing, Inc. a full-service Search Engine Marketing Company". Although an indirect approach to gain exposure for your brand, it will be more beneficial than creating an account under the business name.

Website Traffic


For the most part, traffic will stay on the Quora Website. Many people add links in their answers which can lead to traffic if it's a popular discussion. However, you should not rely on Quora to provide much traffic.

SEO Opportunities


Quora does not provide any direct SEO benefits considering that all links are . The tag informs search engines that a link should not influence the web page's ranking in the search engine's index. The purpose of the tag is to prevent spamdexing from occurring and to improve the quality of search engine results. With that being said, don't completely count Quora out when it comes to SEO benefits.

It's safe to say that Quora produces a vast amount of real-time information that could be valuable to your business. Think of Quora as a resource and use its Questions and Answers to gain insight into what's trending and get new ideas for fresh content creation. These ideas can be used to refresh the content on your current Web pages and add new content to newly created web pages. Remember that content freshness is an influential factor for search engine rankings.

Have you created a Quora account for your brand? How are you using this Social Media platform, or what's holding you back? Let us know by using the #SocialMediaStage on Twitter, posting a comment to our Facebook Page or leaving a comment below!

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