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Flickr: Share Your Life in Photos - Social Media Stage

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Sep 25, 2012 3:16:00 PM

Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application. Users can upload photos, discover what others are up to, and share images with friends via Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Flickr was launched in February 2004 and merely a year later was acquired by Yahoo! in March 2005. Home to over 1.5 million active groups, Flickr has the ability to open doors of opportunity for your business. Let's see how Flickr can benefit your brand based on customer interaction, brand exposure, Website traffic, and SEO opportunities.

Customer Interaction

Opportunities for fan interaction are limited on Flickr. Though spending a lot of time here is not necessary, members of Flickr can create a group as a way to connect with those who share common interests. Recent updates of the groups you choose to follow will sometimes appear on your Home page. Therefore, following a group that discusses topics relevant to your brand will make it easier for you to track conversations and communicate with your fans. You can interact with fans' photos to encourage conversations: leave comments on images, favorite others' photos, and add notes to explain your photos.

Brand Exposure

Though brand exposure is limited, Flickr gives brands a different approach to reaching consumers and sharing their messages by use of visuals. Flickr lets you organize photos into sets and then grouping those sets into collections. Brands can use this method to group photos from company events into sets and put those sets into one collection titled "Events." Sharing photos of the "behind-the-scenes" of your company will add personality to your account and help customers form a stronger connection to your brand.

Being involved in industry-related groups will give your brand some exposure to those who share similar interests. In addition, Flickr makes it easy to expand your reach to other Social Networking sites by letting you connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as your Blog, to your Flickr account.

Website Traffic

Flickr is not an effective platform for driving traffic to your Website. Compared to other Social Networking sites, image click-through-rates on Flickr are very low.

SEO Opportunities

Search engines love Flickr! But merely uploading photos is not enough. Your images must be optimized in order for them to rank well in search results. Organizr is a useful tool to use for easily managing sets of photos. With Organizr, you can assign labels, tags and descriptions to multiple photos at one time. Be sure to use keywords that represent your photo and brand in the titles, descriptions and tags as they are heavily indexed by search engines. Flickr also lets you use geo-tags which are "location metadata" on your photos, which can help with local search optimization.

Review your stats from Flickr to get insight into how people find your photos. The stats track the number of views your photos have, external traffic sources, and the keyword(s) people search for on search engines to find your photos. A better understanding of that data can help you to properly optimize your Flickr account to receive Better search positions.

Have you created a Flickr account for your brand? How are you using this Social Media platform, or what's holding you back? Let us know by using the #SocialMediaStage on Twitter, posting a comment to our Facebook Page or leaving a comment below!

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