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The ABCs of Effective Blogging

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Oct 31, 2012 1:48:00 PM
Are you Blogging? If so, are you Blogging effectively? There is a difference! E-Power Marketing has put together this ABC list of tips for you to keep in mind in order to get the results you’re looking for on your Blog.
Allow comments- People commenting on your Blog are a good thing! It means they are reading your content and it is their opportunity to ask you questions or give you their thoughts on your post, so be sure you are allowing comments to be posted.
Bullet points are beneficial- Why bullet points? The answer is simple; people like lists. Bullet-pointed lists are easy on the eyes and are a great way to clearly present information within your Blog post. Short, chunked information is also easier for readers to remember.
Categorize your posts – Categorizing your Blog posts with tags makes it as easy as possible for readers to find additional content related to the post they’re reading. Not only does this provide your readers with more information, but it can also help keep readers on your site longer!
Don’t be afraid to be provocative – Proactive content is all about getting your target audience to notice and remember your brand. In order to come up with this type of content get creative, get inspired and get resourceful. Try things you’ve never tried before! Read more about building a proactive presence here.
Easy to digest content- Don’t use jargon or other language that your readers won’t understand. Your writing should be tailored to your audience so it’s easy for them to understand. At the same time it should also be delivering valuable and resourceful information to readers.
Find your target audience- Who are you writing to? What do these readers want to see? These questions can be answered by knowing who your target audience is. You’re writing for them, so remember to always keep your audience in mind when you are writing new posts.
Goals are good- Creating goals for your Blog is a great way to motivate you as a writer because it gives you something to work towards. Blogging goals are different for everyone depending on what the function of their Blog is. An example of a goal might be, “Increase my Blog’s readers by X percent by the end of the year.”Goals can also help you track you progress and measure your success. Without goals in place you will have no means of measuring your efforts.
Headlines are your hook- Quality headlines are crucial because your Blog’s headline is the first and possibly only impression you make on a reader. Just like newspaper headlines draw readers in, Blog headlines should do the same- make your headlines attention grabbing and catchy!
Images add value- Photos, graphics and other images are incredibly beneficial to Blog posts for many reasons; they add color, are visually appealing, make your posts more memorable and help support the message of your post. Be creative with your images! Stand out from the crowd and make readers choose your Blog instead of your competitor’s.
Just keep writing- Your Blog may not be getting the readership you would like, but don’t stop writing! You will likely have some frustrating moments with your Blog, but remember that quitting doesn’t solve anything.Whenever you think of a possible Blog topic, write it down to avoid writer’s block.
Keywords are beneficial- Don’t let your Blog go unseen! Help boost traffic that comes to your Blog from search engines by smoothly and naturally inserting keywords in your Blog post’s title and content. This doesn’t mean you should be writing for search engines- you should always write for your audience– but smoothly incorporating keywords into your Blog can help it get seen.
Link to resources- Linking your Blog post to outside sources, also known as outbound links, has more than one benefit. First, outbound links provide readers with resources for additional information and second, relevant outbound links to quality Websites can help your Blog’s performance on search engines.
Measure your success- Some Blogging platforms, including WordPress and Blogger, come with analytics tools that measure viewership and traffic. Use these statistics to learn more about your audience, such as how long visitors stay on your Blog and at what time of the day they visit.
Networking is important- Blogging is a community, so get to know and interact with fellow Bloggers. Good relationships with other bloggers might lead to increased readership or even links from their Blog to your Blog!
Opinions are good- One way to come up with fresh, original content is by sharing your opinion with your readers. Take a current industry trend, product or news story and give your take on it. Remember, everyone has their own opinion, so opinionated posts may attract opinionated comments!
Proofread, proofread some more, and then proofread again- This is critical. Grammatical errors and other kinds of typos immediately take away from your Blog’s credibility and even your brand’s credibility. Always read your post over a few times. It can also help to read your post out loud and to have someone else in the office read it over.
Questions can’t go unanswered- As a Blogger you should embrace your readers’ comments and questions because it means they are reading and engaging with your content. If someone asks you a question, be sure to answer it quickly!
RSS Feeds – RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds make it easy and convenient for individuals to easily keep up with your latest content. Most Blogs offer their content to be syndicated as an RSS Feed to anybody that wants it. It’s an easy way for your readers to receive your latest posts without actually having to visit your Blog page.
Social sharing buttons on your Blog- After you’ve finished writing your Blog post you want people to see it, right? The wonderful world of Social Media makes that possible. In order to make your Blog posts easily sharable by adding social sharing buttons to your blog.
Add social sharing buttons to my Blogger Blog.
Add social sharing buttons to my WordPress Blog.
Themes give your Blog an identity- When choosing a theme for your Blog pick one that relates to your Blog’s topic and purpose. This will help people easily recognize and associate with your Blog.
Update yourBlog regularly- There is no requirement when it comes to how often you should update your Blog. However, remember that the more posts you write the better chance you have for increased viewership and for search engines to find your Blog.
Voice- Your Blog’s voice is something that needs to be determined from the start because voice determines what tone your blog will have. Do you want your Blog to be personal or witty? Professional or passionate? Pick a voice and make sure each post is consistently written in that voice.
Write original content- This can be a challenge seeing as there are over164 million Blogs on the Internet. Make this an opportunity to challenge yourself to write about something that no one else has written about before! Your audience will appreciate fresh, original content.
MiX it up- Don’t make every single Blog post the same. Mix it up! If you usually post content that is all text, try adding some photos or a video to your Blog. People don’t like looking at the same thing over and over, so surprise your readers with something new!
You, your and yours are personal words- These first person words create a direct connection between you and your reader. Use you, your and yours in your Blog instead of a formal voice because these wordsmake your Blog more personal and will help encourage reader feedback.
Zest for your topic- When you pick your Blog topic, make sure it is a topic that you enjoy. You need to have a passion for your topic because if you don’t, it will show in your writing!
Blogging takes time and effort, so don’t let your content go unseen. The next time you Blog, be sure you are making the most of your Blog by keeping these ABCs of effective Blogging in mind!

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