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Integrate Search Engine Marketing Efforts for a Commanding Online Presence

Larry Stopa
by Larry Stopa on Nov 14, 2012 2:16:00 PM

How many different components make up your online marketing efforts? Search Engine Optimization? Pay Per Click advertising? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? YouTube? Blogging?

Do you think you are receiving the results you expect and deserve from your efforts? If not, do you know why?

The poor results may be due to poor integration between the various online efforts. E-Power Marketing is offering a Free White Paper, "Integrated Search Engine Marketing: Merge your marketing efforts for a commanding online presence" to guide you on how to effectively integrate your efforts.

First and foremost, your Website must be properly search engine optimized. The key there is “properly” search optimized. We see many Websites "search engine optimized" that are anything but. Check out Why is My SEO Not Working? and Why Different Types of Search Engine Optimization Do Not Work. If you are not sure whether your SEO is properly implemented, contact E-Power Marketing for a Free Search Engine Marketing Analysis . We'll give you a thorough diagnosis along with the remedy.

You may be driving much of your traffic with Pay Per Click advertising. Do you know what your Return On Investment is? What actions are you taking to increase ROI? How are you using PPC to improve effectiveness of your Blogging and Social Media Marketing?

Today you need an active Social Media Marketing program. How are your efforts in various Social communities reinforcing the effectiveness for each other? Are you taking steps with your Social Media efforts to improve your search visibility? Do you know how?

With your SEO in place, you need to be actively growing your Website with new Web pages and Blogging. What efforts are you making to market your Blog? Are you search optimizing your Blog posts? How well is your Blog building your Brand?

Pull these elements together and you will enjoy a commanding online presence.

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Larry Stopa
Written by Larry Stopa
Since establishing E-Power Marketing® in 1998, Larry has grown it to become a highly successful business focused on generating the results that impact our clients' bottom line. Larry oversees all client programs, new business initiatives and leads the team to continued growth and ongoing education.

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