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Social Customer Service and Why Your Brand Needs It

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Jun 4, 2013 11:00:00 AM

Recently I ordered a pair of TOMS shoes online. Having already bought a pair at a store I knew what size I needed to order from their Website. But when my shoes arrived, they were too big. I sent them back to be exchanged, but I was a little upset that I had to pay for shipping on a product that was supposed to be “true to size.” Not thinking much of it, I posted on the TOMS Facebook page saying I was bummed to have to pay shipping and that I was in a time crunch because I bought them to wear at my upcoming wedding. Only a few hours later, TOMS responded to my Facebook post apologizing for my inconvenience and told me they sent an email with a credit to pay for my shipping. Not only did this make my day, but I was incredibly impressed at the response rate and the excellent customer service. Moral of my story? Keep your customers happy and use Social Media as your outlet to do it.

Above is a snapshot of my Facebook customer service experience with TOMS.

According to an Infographic from Help Scout, 86 percent of people will stop doing business with your company because of a bad customer service experience. In addition, 51 percent will only give you one chance before giving up on a purchase. You’ve probably been told that Social Media is a great branding tool, but it’s also incredibly useful tool for customer service, and here’s why:

Go From “Good” to “Great”
As I mentioned earlier, I was already a TOMS customer before my encounter with one of their customer service representatives. It’s unlikely that I would have stopped doing business with TOMS because of my shoe sizing issue.But the fact that they went above and beyond by personally contacting me and paying for my shipping wowed me. Positive customer service experiences leave customers with lasting impressions, which only increase the odds that they will return to do more business. Social Media gives your brand additional opportunities to be there for your customers to do what you can to keep them returning.

Here and Now
Do you remember the days of calling 1-800 numbers and waiting on hold for what seemed like hours? Social Media caters to the “right now” aspect that so many of us desire. Nobody likes to wait, and having to wait to discuss a customer service issue only makes customers more upset. Instead, Social Media is something that’s available to us at any time of the day and can instantly connect the brand with the customer. No more are the days of listening to bad elevator music while you wait for someone to take your call!

Make People Say Good Things About You
Word of mouth is one of the most popular forms of advertisement and Social Media definitely enables strong word of mouth. People use their Social profiles to share personal experiences all the time. 78 percent of online customers recommend a brand to friends and other contacts after a great customer experience. I did! I posted on Facebook about my positive experience with TOMS. This should motivate your brand to provide the best shopping and customer service experiences possible. Who would you do business with - a brand with raving reviews from people you know and its other customers, or a brand nobody’s heard of? Word of mouth is a powerful thing!

Build Relationships With Communication
Communication is an important factor customers take into consideration when sticking with a brand. 40 percent of customers say improved interaction with service employees is their key driver to spending more with a company. This is huge! Social accounts are great tools for two-way communication and for building relationships to earn loyal customers.

Is your brand providing great customer service? 80 percent of companies believe they deliver “superior” customer service, but only 8 percent of customers think these same companies deliver “superior” customer service. Take advantage of the immediateness, availability and all of the customer service opportunities that Social Media have to offer. Does your brand have a unique way it uses Social customer service? Share with us with a comment or on our Facebook page.

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