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The Power of the #Hashtag

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on May 28, 2014 2:28:00 PM

What a better way to break up Internet chatter than with the famous hashtag (#). It is unavoidable folks. It doesn’t matter if you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or Tumblr, the #hashtag will find you! What started out as a fun symbol to use on Twitter quickly grew into one of the most powerful social media tools on the Internet. But just how important and powerful is the hashtag?

For those of you that don’t know, a hashtag is a keyword or phrase used in social media posts. The number symbol, #, is placed directly in front of the keyword or phrase. By placing the # in front of the keyword, it is automatically turned into a searchable link. For example, if you search #dogs (or #Dogs or #DoGs, because the link is not case-sensitive) on Twitter, you will get a list of tweets related to dogs.

The ability to tag and search with a single hashtag can be utilized in many aspects of business. The power behind the hashtag may not be as familiar to all business owners so we have included a list of the top reasons why the hashtag is so powerful:

Event advertising
Hashtags can be used as powerful beacons during company events. Event and promotional hashtags unite people in real time and across the world. By including hashtags for your company event you create conversation. It is also easy for attendees to find photos and post reactions of the event using the hashtag.

Encourage user-generated content
Traditional forms of marketing served as a one-way form of communication from company to consumer. With the introduction of social media, a two-way form of communication has formed. Users now engage back and forth with companies. Social media has turned users into content generators. User’s hashtags can be inserted into business advertisements or other marketing messages. Businesses can also create contests or ask for user’s advice using specific hashtags. The more involved customers are, the better.

Maintain business reputation
Hashtags allow businesses to see how people are talking about them. If users are using negative hashtags to describe your business, you will be able to catch it fast and you will be able to respond in the most suitable way.

Extend beyond your target market
Hashtags allow messages to extend beyond your target market. Businesses can search hashtags to find new markets as well. For example, if you are a DJ looking for more wedding gigs you can search #engagement and obtain a list of newly engaged couples.

Be in the know
Hashtags give businesses the ability to see what people are talking about, what is popular and what is going on the world as far as news, entertainment and sports.

Track trending topics
Hashtags give businesses the ability to track trending topics that are being conversed about. Once trending topics are reviewed, companies can try to incorporate these topics into their advertising messages to better gauge user’s attention.

It’s unavoidable, yet it is so powerful. It’s time that your business harness the powerful hashtag. Be confident, do your research and if your business would like to learn more about hashtags or Twitter, Contact E-Power Marketing today. E-Power Marketing's Social Media Marketing team will help your business develop and market through a variety of Web 2.0 communities.

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E-Power Marketing
Written by E-Power Marketing
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