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Introducing Call-Only Mobile Campaigns for Google AdWords

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Mar 18, 2015 1:36:00 PM

Last month, Google launched call-only mobile campaigns for Google AdWords. According to Google, 70% of users have used click to call features directly from the search engine results, making this new type of campaign an exciting option for online advertisers.

Here’s how it works: callonly.png

Call-only campaigns include your website URL, phone number, and two description lines.

The description lines are great for providing a straight-forward call-to-action for users to engage with. “Speak with a Customer Service Rep Now.” or “Call Now to Book Your Room!” can be great ways to get your customers engaged and closer to converting.

Users tap the call button on your ad, which prompts a phone call on their mobile device.

The only clicks that you pay for with these campaigns are clicks that trigger phone calls. Prior to this launch, advertisers like us could utilize call extensions that offered similar features; however, now with campaigns specifically designed for calls, we are given greater control over how our client's message is presented and where their budget is being spent. Another thing to point out is that although call-only ads include a URL for your website, they do not direct visits to your website.

Will a call-only campaign work for you?

If you don’t have a mobile-optimized site yet, a call-only campaign is a great way to reach those customers who are still searching for you on their mobile phones. We live in a mobile world where customers want to reach businesses no matter where they are. E-Power Marketing will be implementing call-only campaigns for a number of our clients!

Companies who are very customer service focused can benefit from this type of campaign because it gives customers a quick, easy way to contact your business; especially if there is an issue. If you are a retailer, and your customer has received the wrong order in the mail, they can easily search for a customer service phone number and connect with your business straight from the search results. Travel and Automotive industries can absolutely benefit from call-only campaigns as well. Imagine a customer is planning a trip and searches for hotels in a certain city. Your call-only ad could appear in the search results, and all the customer needs to do is tap the “call” button to speak with a representative at your hotel. Or consider a customer searching for a place to get their oil changed. You will want to be in the search results if you are an automotive service shop in town. Your future customer just has to tap the “call” button to contact your business and make an appointment.

Other businesses that could benefit from a call-only campaign include:

  • Food Delivery Services: Businesses like pizza & sub shops would benefit from having their store phone number easily accessible.
  • Tattoo & Piercing Parlors: Customers searching for a place to get a piercing or consultation for a tattoo would likely want to call to make an appointment.
  • Beauty & Nail Salons: These types of businesses will benefit similar to those related to tattoo & piercing parlors. If you put your phone number in front of customers while they’re looking for a place to get their hair or nails done, then they’re more likely to call your business to make an appointment.

No matter what the purpose of the call, utilizing a call-only campaign will prevent users from having to search through your website looking for a way to contact you. Creating this convenience for customers is a great way to help build brand loyalty and establish trust, not to mention shorten the sales or lead generation process. A call-only campaign can be ideal for businesses whose phone calls are important in retaining customers, creating lifetime value, or closing sales. It all comes down to how it fits in with your Online Marketing strategy.

Can you think of a way that a call-only campaign could benefit your brand? If driving phone calls is crucial to the success of your business, contact E-Power Marketing today!

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E-Power Marketing
Written by E-Power Marketing
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