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Powering Facebook Ads with Relevance Scores

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Apr 13, 2015 4:04:00 PM

Recently Facebook added another metric to its already impressive lineup of Facebook Ad reporting tools; ad relevance score. According to Facebook, these scores assist advertisers in seeing how relevant their ads are because, "The more relevant an ad is to its audience, the better it's likely to perform. Ad relevance score makes it easier for you to understand how your ad resonates with your audience."

How it Works
Facebook explains that after an ad is served more than 500 times, it is assigned a daily relevance score between 1 and 10. Numbers on the low end of this range means Facebook estimates your ad isn't very relevant to your audience, while higher numbers estimate your ad is very relevant to who its being served to. In addition, the amount of positive and negative feedback and your ad's objective (post engagement, page likes, etc.) is taken into consideration when calculating relevance score.


Benefits of ad relevance scores:

  • Pay less to reach your audience - That's right! According to Facebook, when an ad is relevant to your audience, it has a higher relevance score which means your ad is more likely to be served than less relevant ads targeting the same audience. This means you'll pay less to reach your audience.
  • Real time - As your ad is running, you're able to monitor your relevance score, which allows advertisers to edit ads as needed to make them more relevant.
  • Ad testing & refreshing - Real time relevance scores make it helpful to test and refresh your ads. For example, you can test different ad creatives with the same audience to see which people respond to better.
  • Encourages specific targeting - It can be easy to spend money quickly on Facebook. Relevance scores encourage advertisers to define their audience so an ad is served to people who will be interested in it, which could result in benefit number one; paying less to reach your audience.

When E-Power Creates Facebook Ads, We Consider…
Creating an ad on Facebook is simple, but creating an optimized and relevant ad can be challenging. To help our clients make the most of their budgets, E-Power focuses on setting up the right objective, targeting and creative for every Facebook ad. Relevance scores take several factors into consideration, so our team always starts by asking these questions:

  • What is the objective of my ad?
  • Who do I want to reach?
  • Is my ad location-specific?
  • Does my ad have a clear message?
  • What action do I want viewers to take?
  • If there is an image or video with my ad, is it highly relevant to my target audience?

Facebook's competitive News Feed makes advertising a great option for brands looking to reach more of their fan base or new fans. If you have more questions about advertising on Facebook for your brand, contact E-Power Marketing today!

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