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Wearables and Communicating with Consumers

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Apr 17, 2015 9:00:00 AM
Samsung Gear S smart watch and Galaxy Note 4.
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With the launch of the AppleWatch, it's hard not to think about all of the technological advances around us, particularly in wearable technology. Apple isn't the first to launch a piece of wearable technology though. Google first launched Google Glass to testers, called Explorers, and Samsung started to release smart watches in 2014. Now, more than ever, you can connect and communicate with somebody from almost anywhere. According to Urban Airship's article in Adweek, the average attention span of somebody viewing a wearable device, like a smart watch, is three seconds. That's compared to 30 seconds on a smartphone or tablet. As marketers, that gives us just three seconds to capture the attention of users of wearable technology.

These quick moments are called "micro-moments," and they are becoming increasingly important for businesses and marketers alike. Wearables present highly targeted marketing opportunities for businesses, so it will be important for them to quickly send relevant information to users. Graphics, quick and meaningful messages, and videos will be important in capturing the attention of your customers. Additionally, having an omni-channel presence will be important when reconnecting with them through other media after communicating through a wearable. Think of all the ways that you could reach your customers on a smart watch; I will list a few examples below.

Notify nearby customers of sales and promotions. If you are a retailer and customers are passing by your store front, sending a notification to their smart watch – maybe a photo of the shoes you have on sale or a text stating that you are running a BOGO promotion – could greatly increase the chances of that customer coming into your store. At the very least, it’s just another way to increase brand awareness.

Upgrade passengers and guests. Airlines and hotels could benefit from using notifications by suggesting their passengers and guests upgrade to better seats or rooms. A quick message sent to their smart watch will prompt them to upgrade straight from the app at the tap of a button, whether the app is on their watch or smart phone.

Remind people of everyday tasks. This may seem like an obvious one. We already use our smart phones as reminders to send mom a birthday card or take the car in for an oil change, but what about turning the heat down in our house when you're away or recording the latest episode of Game of Thrones? While sometimes we can do these things from our smart phones, smart watches take this convenience to the next level by allowing us to do these things right from our wrist. Cable companies, greeting card companies, and numerous other industries can take advantage of this kind of messaging to bring convenience to their customers, even on the go.

There are endless amounts of ideas that businesses and marketers can come up with to connect more with their customers. With this technology constantly improving and consumers continuing to buy-in to these products, businesses have to start to think of how they can connect more with their customers. Not only that, but businesses have to figure out how to get their consumers to opt-in to receiving this kind of communication. If consumers don’t like, or more importantly, trust, your brand, then they won’t likely want to receive notifications from you.

How do you see your business using wearables to communicate with your customers? Is wearable communication a good fit for your business? These are questions you should take the time to think about when considering wearables in your marketing strategy.

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