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Step Inside AdWords Blog Series: Enhanced Ad Formats Make Mobile Purchasing Faster and Easier

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on May 12, 2015 4:23:00 PM

Last week Google hosted their annual AdWords livestream in Half Moon Bay, California where Vice President of Product Management, Jerry Dischler, announced several new Google products and enhancements that will improve the user experience. In our second of four posts in our 2015 Step Inside AdWords Blog Series, we will be showcasing improved Ad Formats and an addition to an existing feature, Google Compare.

Today's post is focused around "micro-moments"; moments when a user turns to Google for answers to I want-to-go, I want-to-know, I want-to-do, and I want-to-buy moments. These Ad Formats give users quick and easy ways to find what they are looking for right in Google's search results. We will go into detail below on each feature, explaining how they will work and how they are designed around the "micro-moment".

Search Ad Formats

  • Hotel Ads: Google announced that Hotel Ads will start to show for hotel partners around the world. Hotel Ads show rates, availability, locations, reviews, descriptions, high resolution photos, and a Google Street View. To make the process even easier for travelers, a "Book" button will be available right in the Google search results. These "I want-to-go" moments present hotels with the opportunity to capture a traveler’s attention right away in Google's search results page, and without leaving the page, the opportunity to get their business.
Source: Google
  • Automotive Ads: Searching for a car takes a lot of time, and car buyers put a lot of thought into their new purchase. We live in a visual world, and when users are searching for information on a car, they want to see photos and videos. With Google's new Automotive Ads, car buyers will see a photo carousel showing the car inside and out, details about estimated MPG, horsepower, and more. Tapping "Dealers" will take users to a listing of nearby dealers who carry the car they are looking at. Special offers and an official site are also accessible right from Google’s search results as well.
Source: Google
  • Shopping Ads: When introducing the new features of Google’s Shopping Ads, Dischler said, "In the first quarter of this year, we've seen 175% year-over-year growth in mobile shopping related searches." With mobile shopping searches growing at high rates, it's growing increasingly important to be present in this space. According to Google, the number of mobile searches on Google has passed the number of desktop searches in 10 countries, including the United States and Japan.

In October 2013, Google introduced the photo carousel and local inventory ads for Shopping Ads to enhance the user experience when shopping on mobile devices. Last week, Google introduced additional features to improve the user experience even more. An expandable product card shows users more information such as detailed reviews, product details, stores that carry the product and their prices.



These quick snap shots of hotel deals, car features, or product reviews are perfect opportunities for brands and marketers to capture the attentions of users on Google during their "I want-to-go" or "I want-to-buy" moments.

Google Compare

  • Mortgages: Purchasing a home is a long and detailed process. Google's newest addition to Google Compare will help with the process by giving consumers information about mortgages all in one place. This new feature will allow customers to view and compare mortgage rates, interest rates, terms of loans and fees. If they wish to speak with a lender or advisor, Google gives consumers the option to connect directly with a local representative right from the Google search results.
  • Car Insurance: Users can use Google Compare to search for car insurance rates from a growing number of insurance providers, who are backed by the California state insurance guarantee association. Users receive personalized quotes, the option to speak directly with a licensed agent, and the opportunity to compare coverages, prices, and features. Google Compare for car insurance gives users the information they need – all in one place – to make an informed decision.
Source: Google
  • Credit Cards: Another current feature of Google Compare is their credit card comparison tool, which allows users to compare up to 69 different credit cards based on annual fees, their credit rating, APRs, and more. Details for each credit card, including highlights and things to consider, are available as well as an "Apply" button taking you directly to the online application for that credit card.

These changes and enhancements to Google's search results are important for both marketers and businesses as the popularity of mobile searching and shopping continues to grow. Dischler said, "93% of people who use their mobile devices to do research go on to make a purchase." Google is increasing the number of opportunities for marketers and brands to reach their customers, and it's becoming increasingly important for businesses to take advantage of these improvements as they become available.

E-Power Marketing stays up-do-date with Google's growing and changing products in order to continue to improve our clients’ online presence while increasing their return-on-investment. Contact us today to find out how our Online Advertising Experts can help improve your brand online and take advantage of these new and exciting Ad Formats.

Author Bio:
Hannah Jean - Online Advertising Specialist
I focus on Online Advertising and Account Management, helping clients grow their online brand and meet their business goals through targeted, productive Online Advertising programs. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. I have a professional background in sales, event planning and Social Media, and I put my education and experience to work for all of E-Power's clients. Connect with me on LinkedIn!

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