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Remarketing Blog Series: Remarketing on the Google Display Network

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Aug 18, 2015 4:29:00 PM

Now that we've covered remarketing for search, let's cover remarketing for display campaigns. Google offers a couple of different options for remarketing on the Google Display Network. Remarketing on the Google Display Network gives us millions of websites to reach users as they browse the Internet, including YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail. What makes this different than remarketing for search is that we are not only able to show users text ads, but we are able to show image ads and video ads. This can be exciting for brands and advertisers because of eye catching features that images and videos inherently have. What's even better is that we are able to reach your target audience even if they are not actively searching for your product or service on websites like CNN, Google Finance, and so much more.

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To make sense of all of this, let's use an example that we can relate to each remarketing feature below. Let's say the store Computer Techies sells computers, computer equipment and software. They sell their products in-store, online, and on their mobile app. In addition to products, they offer repair services for computers and phones. The mobile app features products, which users can purchase directly in the app. Users of the mobile app are also able to schedule an appointment for services.

Now let's go over different types of remarketing Google offers for the Display Network.

Standard Remarketing
Basic remarketing in Google AdWords will display ads on websites across the Google Display Network based on audiences that we have created. Just like remarketing for search, we can create audience lists based off of many different criteria. Then, as users in those lists browse the Internet, they will encounter ads targeted to them. Users who see these ads connect with them because they are already familiar with your brand or product from previously visiting your website.

When looking into Computer Techies' Google Analytics account, we see there is a lot of traffic coming to the site, spending time on several different pages, and leaving. This tells us that they may be shopping for computer equipment or software, but there's something that kept them from purchasing. We are able to take a segment of these users and target ads to them as they browse the Internet. One basic example is that we can retarget to users who viewed the software products page and show them an ad with a 20% off coupon code as they browse a different website in an effort to bring them back to the Computer Techies site.

Dynamic Remarketing
Using dynamic remarketing can boost your remarketing efforts. These ads are even more relevant and customized to the user who is viewing it by showing them specific items that they have already viewed or purchased from your site. We can even suggest similar items to users who have already made a purchase. With dynamic remarketing, we are able to take your entire inventory of products and services and feed it into AdWords to help create the best ads relevant to users. Product images and information is pulled from a product feed, making it easy to customize ads for users automatically.

Jessica is looking for a new laptop computer for her home office, and like many people, she's been doing research on the best laptop for her needs. In the past week, Jessica has visited the Computer Techies site twice, viewing the same laptop each time. In order to retarget to users like Jessica, we can create an audience of users who viewed that laptop, but didn't make a purchase. Now, as Jessica browses the Internet, she may see an ad for the exact same laptop she has been looking at, which may aid in her decision to make a purchase.

Because users frequently switch between screens throughout their day, Google's dynamic remarketing templates are optimized for mobile. This helps us reach users no matter where they are and no matter what type of device they're using. So, even if Jessica starts her search on a desktop, she is still eligible to see these retargeted ads on her smartphone or tablet.

Similar Audiences
This is a neat feature for remarketing because you can use your current remarketing lists to reach other users who have similar interests and behaviors online. One way we can do this is to take a group of users who have previously made a purchase on a website and ask Google to look for audiences who share similar interests with these users. E-Power utilized Similar Audiences for one of our clients. After starting the Similar Audiences Campaign, it generated 1074% more conversions in the four weeks after it was started than the entire program did the four weeks before it was implemented.

Remarketing for Mobile Apps
If your company has a mobile app, remarketing for mobile apps is a great way to re-engage those users. We can create unique audiences for users of mobile apps because these users take different actions than those who visit websites. For example, we are able to create an audience of users who opened your app a month ago or who viewed a certain screen for a specific amount of time. These ads are then shown on the Google Display Network across all devices.

Last week, Charlie, purchased a brand new laptop from Computer Techies' website. Charlie has made software purchases in the past and uses the mobile app for browsing as well. In an effort to up sell to Charlie, we can create an ad to retarget to users who recently made a purchase giving them a discount on their first service appointment made through the mobile app. This not only makes customers happy because they're receiving a discount, but it's bringing users to your mobile app, where they can make additional purchases and schedule appointments.

Video Remarketing
YouTube and Google's other video partner sites reach millions of users with video ads. Remarketing lists for video can be created based on users who have interacted with or viewed your YouTube videos or TrueView in-stream ads or if they have taken some action on your channel like subscribing or unsubscribing or just visiting your channel's page. You can show users how a product works, raise brand awareness, and more. You might want to utilize video remarketing if you have a visual product or service that would be beneficial to show users in a video format.

Computer Techies can take advantage of video remarketing by creating YouTube videos about their products or services, like how to troubleshoot minor problems on computers. Then, as a remarketing tool, they can use video remarketing to remarket their services to users who have viewed their YouTube videos or TrueView in-stream ads or have visited their channel page.

Google Analytics Remarketing
Using Google Analytics for display remarketing is just like remarketing for search, except these ads show on the Google Display Network and are available in additional formats. We use data in Google Analytics from your website to create audiences. Instead of targeting users on the Google Search Network, we are now targeting them on the Google Display Network. These audiences are automatically sent to Google AdWords, where we create ad campaigns based on them. We like to use Google Analytics for remarketing because we can create unique audiences based on metrics and data available in Google Analytics that are not available in Google AdWords alone.

For example, Miranda visits the Computer Techies site on Friday afternoon looking for new anti-virus software for her computer. She finds a few options, but in the end, she's not ready to make a purchase. On Monday morning during her commute to work, she is browsing through HGTV's website for kitchen remodeling ideas when she sees an ad for 20% off the same anti-virus software if she downloads the mobile app. When Miranda clicks on this ad, it will take her to the app store for her to download the app. What makes this a little different than other remarketing features we've mentioned is that this ad was targeted by her phone's Operating System. The Computer Techies mobile app is only available for iOS, so we do not want to show this ad to users who use any other Operating System.

As with remarketing for search, remarketing for display campaigns offers opportunities for us to reach your customers on all devices. With remarketing on the Google Display Network, we have the additional benefit of reaching users even when they are not actively searching for your product or service. They can be reached while they are watching the latest viral video on YouTube, checking the weather, or between levels of Candy Crush (Level 784 is so hard). Capturing their attention in these quick, but important, micro-moments is critical in maintaining brand awareness and adding your brand into the customer purchase journey

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