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Why You Should Use Google Analytics to Track Your Website Traffic

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Sep 10, 2015 9:16:00 AM

Google Analytics is a great tool that can track how visitors are using your website and how your website is performing. Best of all, it’s free! With just a little snippet of code on your website, the data you’ll receive can be extremely impactful to your business. I’ll go through a broad overview of some of the many functions you can track, including:


Beyond knowing how much traffic your website is actually getting, knowing where your website traffic is coming from can make a big difference in what platforms you use to reach your target audience. Analytics reports which traffic channels visitors use to get to your website. There are many ways a user can reach a website, whether it’s through an organic search engine listing, from directly typing in a website URL, by clicking a referral link on a different website, from a social media, or through an email campaign. If your Social Media posts on Facebook are driving a lot of traffic to your website, but your Twitter posts are not, you’ll be able to see the traffic flow correlated here and adjust your social strategy and content accordingly.


When you perform a search or browse a website, information is being tracked, often times, without the user even knowing it. This is done through web cookies that follow users around the internet. These cookies are a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser that sends activity back to a server. As a business, the information cookies track is valuable data. Analytics collects information on demographics of your audience using this cookie information. This includes where users are viewing your site down to their country and city, their average age, and their gender. Audience data will also tell you how many of your site’s visitors are new, and how many are returning. By tracking your audience you can understand how to properly optimize your content to successfully reach and relate to your target audience.


Ever wonder if people actually read the information on your site? Analytics reports user engagement including the number of average pages viewed on your website and the average session duration. This tells you, on average, how much time users are spending on your site and which pages of your site are the most popular. Here you can also see which pages of your site people are exiting from. From this information, you can focus on what content your audience is most interested in and how well your call to actions are doing in motivating visitors to convert.


As technology becomes more complex, the importance of tracking how your visitors are accessing your website increases. We’re no longer limited to a desktop computer, but have access to a variety of devices at any moment. Analytics reports which browser and operating system visitors are using. By looking at this data, it’s a good reminder to make sure your site is accessible and consistent on all systems and platforms. The use of mobile devices has become overwhelmingly common. Just as you may have thought, Google Analytics can track data from those devices as well! What type of mobile devices are your website visitors using?  iPhones, Samsungs, iPads? In order to effective reach and engage with your target audience, a mobile friendly website is extremely important. Using the technology repots in Google Analytics is a great first step in understanding how users are using your site on mobile devices.

By assessing your website analytics, you can refocus your online marketing to what is really working for your brand and make improvements where necessary. Though Google Analytics is a free tool, it provides a ton of information, and turning that information into an actionable strategy is important for brands of all sizes! Let our Analytics certified team interpret the results to come up with the strategies necessary to increase your website traffic and generate more results. Contact us to learn more!

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E-Power Marketing
Written by E-Power Marketing
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