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Remarketing Blog Series: Social Remarketing Tools

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Sep 22, 2015 9:53:00 AM

Our final post in the remarketing blog series covers social remarketing and the opportunities social platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide for advertisers. With social remarketing, we are able to target past website visitors on social platforms based on their interests and past Internet behavior. A browser cookie is assigned to each user who visits your website and essentially follows them around the Internet, gathering data about their behaviors and interests. This information then allows us to place targeted advertisements on social platforms they use. Using social remarketing helps us reach an audience that we might not normally reach with remarketing tools on Google or Bing.

In order to help you understand remarketing for social a little better, we’ll provide an example of how each tool could work with a fake brand, Build-a-Boat. Build-a-Boat is a custom boat manufacturer with an online website and mobile app where users can build their custom boat virtually before consulting with an expert and making a purchase.



With Twitter’s website tag for remarketing, we are able to create remarketing audiences directly in the Twitter Ads interface. As past website visitors use Twitter, they are eligible to receive targeted Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Website Cards in their Twitter feeds. This helps raise brand awareness, increase followers and engagement, and help to reach online marketing goals such as generating sales or phone calls to your business.

Build-a-Boat could utilize Twitter’s remarketing tool by targeting past website users who used the boat customizer tool with Promoted Tweets encouraging them to contact a specialist for more assistance or a quote.

Facebook for Business allows us to create Custom Audiences based on users who have visited your website. We can get specific with these audiences depending on the type of traffic you want to target. Do you want to target users who visited a specific webpage? Users who haven’t been back to your site in a certain number of days or weeks? There are many other options and combinations available.

Just like Google’s Similar Audiences, Facebook allows us to target users who possess similar characteristics of your current website visitors. These are called lookalike audiences. Using Facebook’s lookalike audiences, Build-a-Boat is able to target advertisements to users who share similar interests and behaviors as their current Custom Audiences that have already been built. This is useful in attracting new customers, who are already somewhat pre-qualified based on their interests. Facebook’s remarketing capabilities pose opportunities for us to bring website users back to your website, find new users who are similar to your current ones, and even exclude certain users from your website who may not bring value to your advertising campaigns.

Build-a-Boat would want to use Facebook’s remarketing tools in order to reach a larger audience outside of their other remarketing initiatives. Targeting audiences on Facebook similar to their current customers is a great way for them to reach out and attract new business.

Lead Accelerator is a remarketing tool powered by LinkedIn that helps businesses capture leads across the web with targeted display and social advertisements. This is really nice for B2B brands who want to capture the attention of prospects across the Internet. When users leave your site without filling out a contact form or making a purchase, LinkedIn’s Lead Accelerator will re-engage with those users with targeted ads as they browse the Internet. Lead Accelerator offers A/B testing to help optimize ads and messaging. Analytics are also available to help us measure how ads are performing.

Build-a-Boat’s customers range from top level executives looking for a company boat for events and outings to retired couples who want a new adventure. LinkedIn’s Lead Accelerator is a good way to reach those top level executives as they browse LinkedIn and other websites. Users who visit the Build-a-Boat site and leave without contacting an expert can be targeted by LinkedIn’s Lead Accelerator with ads encouraging them to visit the site and build their boat or to contact an expert for a quote or assistance. Based on users’ activity on LinkedIn, we are able to show ads to these executives looking for a custom boat as they browse through LinkedIn and across the web.

Remarketing for social gives us even more opportunities to re-engage with past website visitors and encourage them to return to your site and take action. What makes remarketing so great is that we can reach these users on any device. It doesn’t matter if they started their search on their mobile device or tablet. We can target that same user as they browse the Internet on their desktop and vice versa.

Rarely do users search for a product, visit your website, and make a purchase right away. There’s a purchasing process where users do research, compare prices and products, and sometimes much more before they actually make a purchase. Build-a-Boat may not generate a sale the first time a user visits their website, but with multiple exposures to their product and their ready-to-help experts, they are able to better capture customers during their purchase process when looking to buy a custom-built boat. Capturing the attention of users in quick micro-moments as they’re checking their Twitter feed or scrolling through Facebook is crucial in making sure your brand stays involved in their purchasing process.

Now that we have covered the different types of remarketing available in Online Advertising, our final post in the remarketing blog series will wrap up everything that we’ve covered over the past couple of months. We’ll briefly cover each remarketing option and why using these tools will help your Online Advertising programs.

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