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E-Power Online Marketing Roundup: The Week of October 2, 2015

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Oct 2, 2015 12:10:00 PM

Updates to the Display Network, new products, an updated Google My Business navigation, and new YouTube capabilities made it a busy week for Google! Get highlights from the past week in the Online Marketing industry in our weekly roundup.

Updates to Google Display Network: On Tuesday, Google announced a couple of updates to the Google Display Network. Display advertisers can now take action quickly on demographic information found in the Audience Insights reports. Are most of your customers male between the ages of 35 and 44 who love watching sporting events? Let's take action on that. Enhancements to dynamic remarketing were made this week to help accommodate the many different screen sizes and shapes that people use. With so many different smart phones, tablets, and computer screens available for ads to show up on, it's nice to know Google is helping make your ads appear correctly on different sized screens.

Something that E-Power Marketing is excited about is a change in how display advertisers are charged for impressions on the GDN. Right now, advertisers can bid on a CPM (cost-per-thousand) basis, but sometimes those ads are not seen by viewers because they're below the fold, in another tab, or scrolled by quickly. Soon, advertisers will only be charged for viewable impressions. Now your advertising budget will be better spent.

"Meeting consumer expectations requires technology to answer their needs the moment they have them, wherever they are, whatever kind of device or screen they are using. Programmatic advertising ensures that brands are there in those important moments when decisions are made and preferences are shaped. Our hope is that the GDN brings this enterprise-level technology to all advertisers so you can be there at the moments when it matters most for your brand."
New Products – Customer Match & Universal App Campaigns: In keeping up with I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, and I-want-to-buy micro-moments, Google AdWords announced a new product called Customer Match. Customer Match gives advertisers the opportunity to expand their advertising efforts and reach their more valuable customers on Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail. Customer Match allows us to upload e-mail lists into Google AdWords and create targeted, relevant messaging to those users on that list. Worried about privacy? Google only uses these e-mail addresses to match to Google IDs and for policy compliance. They are not shared with anyone and are deleted after seven days.
What makes this really great for online advertisers like E-Power Marketing is that we are able to take a list of our clients' highest valued customers and create campaigns with messaging specific to them. This is great for businesses with loyalty programs or who want to reach out to inactive customers. There are many ways we can effectively use Customer Match campaigns, including creating Similar Audiences, which can help attract new customers.
Another new product announced this week by Google AdWords allows businesses with mobile apps to reach billions of people across the web. Universal App Campaigns is a new campaign-type in AdWords that's designed to help you connect with users of your mobile app and generate new app downloads. Ads for your mobile app will show on Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network, giving your mobile app access to the world’s largest network and platforms.
"With Universal App Campaigns, you have unparalleled reach: you can drive installs on YouTube, the platform with 1B+ users who watch hundreds of millions of hours of content every day. Your ads can also reach specific audiences across 650K apps and 2M+ websites in the GDN."

Updates to Bing Ads UET: Since the release of Bing Ads' Universal Event Tracking, there have been a couple of shortcomings for advertisers trying to take advantage of this tool. Bing has listened to advertisers' feedback and has made a couple of improvements to UET this week, including workflow improvements and additional features. Some workflow improvements include better tracking of revenue, alerts, and changes to UET Tag and Conversion Goal management. This week's update also includes six new features like support for unique conversions. Prior to this announcement, advertisers could only track all conversions, regardless of if a user made four purchases or one.

"Your feedback since the initial launch has directly shaped this release by focusing our work on two fronts: workflow and ROI. At the end of the day, conversion tracking should be easy to use and it should help you achieve a higher ROI. Let’s look at what's new in that regard."
YouTube Introducing the Ability to Shop: What do you use YouTube for? Watching how-to videos? Listening to music? Finding funny videos? Regardless of what you watch, YouTube's new feature will change the way you view videos; the channel is introducing the ability for users to shop for products directly from videos. Ads, which are said to be "relatively unobtrusive", will be served by Google and can appear on any video in the form of a small box in the video's upper right corner. Users can then choose to click the box, which generates a short list of products.
"For merchants, the process will be similar to Google's regular shopping ads, which are sold off in auctions. Video creators also have the chance to make money off the sales, with the revenue split the same as YouTube's current system."

Easier Google My Business Navigation: This week in Local Search, Google updated the navigation features of Google My Business, making it easier to navigate between business locations and Google+ brand pages. In addition, top navigation within GMB has been revised and reformatted to make finding the features you need to edit and optimize your local business listing a more convenient, simpler process. The update was subtly released via Google My Business's Business Help Forum.

"Google My Business is getting a makeover! We've updated our navigation to make it easier to access the primary features, and more straightforward to access multiple locations if you use Google My Business Locations."
Facebook Is Changing Mobile Profiles: Facebook is at it again! On Wednesday, the Social network announced three new mobile-friendly features for Facebook profiles. The changes include: 
  1. Profile Videos: Soon, Facebook users will be able to have profile videos in addition to photos. Videos will be short, Vine-like clips that loop when someone visits your profile.
  2. Improved Profile Controls: Facebook is allowing users to further customize their profiles by filling out a bio line, choosing up to five featured photos, and picking which "About" field appears.
  3. Mobile Interface Design Improvements: Facebook made a few small changes to users' mobile profile design, but the biggest change is centered, larger profile pictures.
"Today (September 30), we're unveiling some new, mobile-friendly features for Facebook profiles. There are three main improvements that will give you more opportunities to express who you are and control the content showcased on your profile."

The Online Marketing experts at E-Power Marketing stay on top of industry changes so you don't have to! Stay tuned to our Blog and Social Media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn – every Friday for the latest news in Online Marketing.

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