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4 Online Advertising Updates You Might Have Missed

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Mar 30, 2017 2:47:57 PM

As a marketer, you probably wear a lot of hats. One of those hats may be online advertising, but how often are you able to focus solely on online advertising in your day-to-day activities? You may have missed some important updates from Facebook and Google that will help you make more educated decisions that help enhance your pay-per-click programs. But that’s okay! We have your back. We rounded up four important updates from recent months from Facebook and Google AdWords that we think you should take a look at!

  1. If you’re using Facebook’s Business Manager to manage your social advertising and Facebook Page, you might start to see new advertising metrics within your reports in the coming months. These new metrics are focused on reach and attribution, making it easier for marketers to view data and make informed decisions within their accounts. We analyze this type of information to make adjustments not only to your Facebook Advertising program, but to your online marketing program as a whole. When we know where leads and sales are coming from and where budget is being spent the most effectively, we will make adjustments to your program to further enhance the results and your ROI.
  1. Dynamic Search Ads are now more effective with recent updates from the Google AdWords team. Google reports that their latest updates have helped advertisers achieve higher conversion rates and a decrease in cost per conversion. Advertisers can now upload a page feed of URLs that they would like to use as landing pages for DSAs. Perhaps the most exciting announcement for DSAs is the announcement of expanded text ads rolling out to DSA campaigns. Earlier in 2017, Search and Display Network campaigns made the switch to expanded text ads, which give advertisers nearly 50% more ad space, so the transition for DSAs is very exciting for those who use them.
  1. As an online advertiser, I spend so much time managing key phrase lists. It’s fun and interesting (especially when reviewing search terms reports!), but it can be tedious and time consuming for sure. Recently Google announced a new key phrase match type: close variants. Let’s face it. Everybody searches differently, and we know that, but it can be difficult to effectively capture the many different ways somebody may search for products like bathroom storage bins. Here are just a few ways they may search for these:

storage bins for bathrooms

storage bins bathroom

Google give additional examples below.

The time savings with this new feature helps us focus on the bigger picture for our accounts, so we’re excited to start implementing this where it’s appropriate.

  1. Ad extensions provide additional details about your products and services and help increase your ad’s performance. In late 2016, Google announced Message Extensions. Message extensions give searchers the option to send a text message directly to a brand right in the search results page. All it takes is a phone number that can receive text messages, and you are able to set up this messaging system to communicate with your customers in their preferred method of communication. This works great for hotels, restaurants, repair shops, and many other business types!

With news and updates being announced from all corners of the online advertising world, it’s kind of like walking into Disneyland: exciting and overwhelming.
You see so many cool and exciting things and the deeper you get into the park, the more you want to do and discover, but you don’t know where to start! And what if you miss out on something? Well don’t you worry, just like Disneyland has cast members to help give you guidance to make your trip magical and valuable for you and your family, E-Power has a team of online advertising ‘cast members’ to make your online marketing efforts valuable for you and your marketing team.

If you feel like you’ve walked into Disneyland for the first time, and you’re not sure what to do next, contact our team of experts for some guidance or you can
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E-Power Marketing
Written by E-Power Marketing
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