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The 4 Ways Blogging Will Transform Your Brand

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Jun 17, 2016 9:17:48 AM


In today's fast-paced and technological world, it is imperative that brands have a strong online presence to connect with consumers. With the beginning of the buyer's journey usually starting with a Google search, landing your name at the top of the Search Engine Results Page is key. However, Google algorithms can be tough to conquer. These complex calculations rank your webpage off of a myriad of dimensions; new content, keyword usage, and relevancy…to name a few. But there is one type of content creation that encompasses the majority of these dimensions and that is blogging. See the four ways we think blogging will transform your brand below:

Becoming a Thought Leader                                                         

According to AdWeek, 81% of consumers start their buying journey off with an internet search to research a product. This makes it vital that your brand shows off their knowledge on their industry. Education is key and it builds trust. Blogging offers a platform to publish industry knowledge that your business wants to share with the world. Offering tips or tricks on usage, guides on how to operate and troubleshoot, or insights on trends, positions your brand as an industry resource, by adding value to the consumer and showing that you know your stuff.

Increasing Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Effectiveness

Search Engine Optimization is vital for the success of your online presence. SEO exposes your website to your target audience at every stage of the buying cycle, allowing you to drive targeted traffic to your website. This is all done through optimizing your website content to be relevant, fresh, and search friendly. Blogging helps you maximize all three. By providing content on a wide-variety of industry topics, you are helping solve pain points for consumers (relevancy), optimizing your website to be found on a variety of topics (being search friendly), and publishing new web pages on a consistent basis (keeping it current).

Providing Fresh Content for Social Platforms

As mentioned above, keeping your content fresh is important. SEO is a great first step in getting your content found, but you have to do more. That means sharing new material with the online world on a consistent basis. One of the ways to do this is through your Social platforms. Social Media provides you an outlet to share your blogging content.  Make your Social channels more valuable by publishing links to your blog content, this also drives targeted traffic to your website. It creates an added and valuable dimension to your brand, while exponentially increasing the reach of your industry insights.

Engaging Your Consumers

Blogging helps create a community of like-minded people. It sparks discussion, debate, and insight. Engaging and moderating the comments on your blog content will help you attract, convert, close and delight new and existing customers. Blogging can help you attract and retain potential leads by cultivating an arsenal of knowledge through your blog.

Are you looking to transform your brand's online presence through blogging? E-Power Marketing can help! We have a qualified team of content marketing specialists to elevate your business's website. Contact us to learn more or subscribe to our blog to see how we share our industry knowledge!

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E-Power Marketing
Written by E-Power Marketing
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