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E-Power Marketing Achieves Google AdWords Premier Partner Status

Justin Tadych
by Justin Tadych on Jul 21, 2016 1:00:00 PM

E-Power Marketing is now recognized as an elite Google AdWords Premier Partner!  How exclusive is this club?  To provide some scale, there are currently only
63 Google Partner agencies in the entire state of Wisconsin.  Of those 63 only 14 Wisconsin agencies have met the requirements to make it to the elite level of becoming a Google Premier Partner! That puts E-Power in the top 22% of Google Partner service providers based in Wisconsin! Only a minority of online agencies even achieve Google Partner status.

So What Exactly is a Google Partner?

According to Google, Google Partners is a program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants who manage AdWords accounts.  Achieving Google Partner status means that an agency has demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise, met AdWords spend requirements, delivered agency and client revenue growth, and has sustained and grown their client base. 

What Differentiates a Google Premier Partner from a Google Partner?

Google explains that “The new badge is designed to recognize Partners who manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and deliver great results for their customers. Premier Partners will be required to maintain additional certification requirements and will receive increased support from Google.”

The Road to Premier Status:

E-Power Marketing has been a full service Online Marketing agency dedicated to achieving the best results possible for our clients since 1998.  Along the way our team has achieved numerous Online Marketing certifications, not only for advertising, but for many facets of Online Marketing. 

While the Google Partner program has only been around since 2013, E-Power has made it a priority to not only achieve excellent results for our clients, but to stay up to date with certifications and best practices.  President Larry Stopa requires all Online Advertising employees to become certified in Google AdWords, beyond that all of our Account Leads are also Google Analytics certified.  I personally achieved my first ever Google certification exam 8 years ago.  While a lot has changed since then, one things holds true, the Google AdWords certifications have served as an excellent means to sharpen our advertising skills and continually meet and exceed client expectations. Our ongoing commitment to learn and implement bests practices are core reasons E-Power has been so successful for the past 18 years.


Not only has E-Power maintained their Google AdWords certifications, but since ascending to Google Partner status in 2013, E-Power has conquered many milestones.  In 2016 alone, E-Power has passed each Partner Challenge that Google has thrown at us.  While these challenges offer great bragging rights, the ultimate reward is watching out clients reach new heights. 

Why Work with a Google Premier Partner?

If you are currently running, or ready to start a Google AdWords program, there are numerous reasons to work with a Google Premier Partner agency.  Having certified account managers, dedicated reps at Google and early access to betas are just a few and there are plenty more.



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Justin Tadych
Written by Justin Tadych
Justin is our Assistant VP, Online Marketing, focusing on online advertising strategies and services. Priding himself on running the most effective and efficient ad programs possible, Justin focuses on maximizing Return On Investment while generating the best possible results for our clients' online advertising programs.

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