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E-Power Online Marketing Roundup: The Week of February 12, 2016

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Feb 12, 2016 11:42:49 AM

It was busy week for Twitter with new ad formats, timeline algorithm changes, and more. We also have updates from Google on Flash-based ads and the scoop on the Big Game’s most talked about ad. Read on to find out which brand was the most talked about on Sunday, as well as details on other industry updates.

According to Search Engine Journal, Google will Drop Support for Flash-Based Ads in January 2017. Advertisers who use Flash-based ads will be out of luck starting next year unless they switch to HTML5. Google has already made HTML5 the default for YouTube, and this is the next change in that transition. While January 2017 is still just over 10 months away, advertisers need to be aware that after June 30 of this year, they will no longer be able to upload Flash-based ads on the Google Display Network. If you’re an advertiser using Flash-based ads, it’s time to start making the switch to HTML5.


“Adobe’s player accounted for only 6% of mobile and web video in 2015. Flash is still relevant today in large part due to the fact it has been regularly used in the internet’s biggest ad networks. With Google dropping support for Flash-based ads, industry experts predict the format might be dead in as little as 2 years.”

#SB50’s Most Talked About Ad Was…: Did you watch last Sunday’s game? Maybe you just watched it for the commercials? From the Heinz wiener dog stampede to a Pepsi’s nostalgic trip down memory lane, there were definitely some memorable commercials during this year’s game! So which ad took home the win? According to Sysomos, a Social Media intelligence platform, Esurance’s pre and postgame TV ads and Social Media campaign won the conversation on Twitter. As one of the only companies to hold a contest, #esurancesweeptakes had nearly 2 million mentions, with #Pepsihalftime and #puppymonkeybaby filling in the other top hashtag mentions.


"We wanted to leverage second-screen culture," said Sarah Evans, Esurance social media communications specialist. "No one these days is just watching the TV. We're surrounded by technology. We know the only way into somebody's house, into somebody's life, is not just through the TV screen, but through handheld devices and social media."

eMarketer Estimates Twitter’s Ad Revenues will Continue to Grow Despite Slowing Growth of Users. 2016 will be the last year of double digit growth for Twitter users, but that’s not stopping the potential for ad revenue for brands. eMarketer estimates that Twitter revenue will reach $2.95 billion in ad revenues worldwide in 2016, a 45% increase from 2015. Twitter continues to add new ad formats to capture users’ attention and will likely continue to do so to keep up with trends and users’ behavior as we continue to move forward. While user growth is slowing just a little bit, there’s no reason for advertisers to fret. With an estimated 361.9 million users expected by 2019, there are plenty of users out there for brands, and Twitter’s continued improvements in advertising will make sure you’re reaching the right audience.


“We expected Twitter to continue growing its worldwide ad revenues at strong double-digit rates this year, and to reach $2.95 billion in ad revenues worldwide. A strong majority of those revenues—63%—will come from US.”

Twitter Introduces First View ads. The new ad format is described as an “engaging and highly visible way to share your brand story with compelling video creative across Twitter’s massive audience.” Advertisers now have the opportunity to show video ads in the top ad slot on timelines when a user visits the Twitter app or logs in to Twitter. This prime real estate is going to be a huge player for advertisers who see value in sharing their brand in an engaging, visual manner.


“First View helps marketers achieve significant audience reach with exclusive ownership of Twitter’s most valuable advertising real estate for a 24-hour period. When users first visit the Twitter app or log in to twitter.com, the top ad slot in the timelines will be a Promoted Video from that brand. Now, marketers can tell a powerful visual story across the Twitter audience.”

A New timeline is Rolling out on Twitter That Shows Tweets out of Order. This update shows users the Tweets that Twitter thinks are the most important to them, but what about advertisers? Will this algorithm update harm ad performance? According to Search Engine Journal, the changes to the timeline will not affect promoted Tweets or accounts at all. What do you think about the change? Have you made the switch? You can toggle this new timeline on and off in your Settings on the main page.


Google has Added More Protection Against Botnets Across All Ad Systems. Botnets generate fake traffic and can drive up spend for advertisers, which causes obvious problems. These fake users come from infected computers, and even though Google has been taking steps to combat these botnets since they launched, but there is still work to do. This latest update is one step closer to having more control over fake traffic causing issues in the Online Advertising industry.


“Our move to consistently and confidently cut out the traffic from these botnets, despite any changes in the malware on which they’re based, represents a significant milestone in the defense of our advertising ecosystem.”

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