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E-Power Online Marketing Roundup: The Week of February 26, 2016

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Feb 26, 2016 9:18:41 AM

This week Google rocked the Online Marketing world with the removal of side-bar ads, and Facebook introduced a new set of Reactions alongside the “Like” button and released their annual State of Connectivity report. Get the details on this week’s updates and more in the Online Marketing industry in this week’s E-Power Roundup.

Google has Confirmed the Removal of Side-Bar Ads in SERPs: The big change came earlier this week along with the possibility of showing four ads at the top of the search results page rather than three. This fourth ad is only likely to appear for “highly commercial queries” such as “mortgage rates” or “hotels in Los Angeles”. What does this mean for advertisers? What about SEOs? Ad space will become even more competitive and expensive, and with the possible addition of a fourth ad on some search queries, this pushes down organic listings even further. You’ll see in my search below that this query did generate four top ads, pushing all organic listings completely out of view. The right side looks a little empty, don’t you think?


“The removal of all right-side ads obviously makes the desktop and mobile search results more similar. On mobile, though, Google typically shows either two or three ads at the top of the search results.”

Facebook Releases The State of Connectivity in 2015: Early this week Facebook released the second annual State of Connectivity 2015: A Report on Global Internet Access. The study reviews the world’s current state of internet connectivity - breaking things down into the categories: availability, affordability, relevance and readiness - looks at how things have changed in recent years, and examines how this data can be used to generate new insights. Learn more in the below infographic or view Facebook’s full report.


“At the end of 2015, estimates showed that 3.2 billion people were online. This increase (up from 3 billion in 2014) is partly attributed to more affordable data and rising global incomes in 2014. Over the past 10 years, connectivity increased by approximately 200 to 300 million people per year.”

Data-Driven Attribution is now Available in all DoubleClick Accounts: With Data-Driven Attribution, advertisers get comprehensive, actionable data powered by Adometry that make decisions easier in their Online Advertising programs rather than using guesswork to determine where your sales or conversions are coming from.


“Today we’re introducing Data-Driven Attribution to all DoubleClick accounts. It's a new tool that helps you give the right credit to each and every advertising touch point ― and shows you the optimal combination for your marketing.”

Industry Experts Have Been Working Together to Make it Faster and Easier to Consume Content on the Web with the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP): Publishers, technology companies, and ad-tech businesses have been working to put publishers’ webpages in AMP. These stories can show up in the Top Stories section of the search results page and load at lightning speed – up to four times faster and with 10 times less data than non-AMP pages. Browsing the Internet should be fast, easy, and fun. The AMP project is moving in the right direction to give users all over the world the best experience online.


“While helping people find fast AMP content through Google Search is a significant step, there’s still a lot of work ahead for the open source AMP Project. Still, it’s been thrilling to see how the industry has come together to work on this common goal of making the mobile web great for everyone. And given the potential AMP holds for other types of content, we’re excited about what the future holds.”

Facebook Introduces More Like Button Options: Other big news from Facebook this week was the release of new Like buttons! In addition to giving the Like button a makeover, Facebook also rolled out five new Reactions, including Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry. According to Facebook, these Reactions will be available to all users in the next few days. Want to try out these new options? On a desktop, simply hover over the Like button with your mouse and the various options will pop up for you to click. On a smartphone, hold down the Like button and the Reactions will appear for you to tap.


“The biggest consideration through it all though was finding sentiments so universal that they would be easily translate across all the countries where people use Facebook (which is just about everywhere.) That's also why the company chose to roll the feature out first to countries like Spain, Portugal, Chile, Japan and Colombia before bringing them to the rest of the world.”

Bing Reveals Interactive Academy Awards Features: With the 88th Academy Awards right around the corner, Bing continued to ramp up its interactive activities for searchers. Their Academy Awards page features information about this year’s nominees, quizzes, ballots, top moments from previous years and more. A recent addition is Celebs Like Me, a feature that takes users’ photos to find their Oscar-nominated celebrity match. If you can’t wait until this Sunday’s show, check out some of these fun features from Bing!


“These matches are based on facial structure—think jawline, eye spacing and nose shape—and not things such as hair length or color. That means your matches will share the same facial structure, but perhaps include a mix of gender and races.”

What do you think about all of the big announcements this week? There are a lot of changes happening, and it can be exciting and challenging to stay up-to-date with them, but our team at E-Power is here to round it all up for you!

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