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E-Power Online Marketing Roundup: The Week of February 5, 2016

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Feb 5, 2016 3:12:35 PM

Facebook’s algorithm update may affect Pages’ performance, Bing Ads sets a plan for transitioning current Product Ads to Bing Shopping Campaigns, Facebook celebrates its 12th birthday, and more in this week’s Online Marketing Roundup!

Bing Ads will start transitioning Product Ads into Bing Shopping Campaigns over the next couple of months. Last year, Bing Ads introduced Bing Shopping Campaigns as a new way to manage Product Ads. Bing Shopping Campaigns give advertisers more reporting and control over their products. There will be three phrases in this transition that essentially end in all legacy Product Ads fully transitioning to Bing Shopping Campaigns. These three phases give advertisers the opportunity to transition their Product Ads manually for the most control over the process. 

“With the release and success of Bing Shopping Campaigns — a new and optimal way to manage your Product Ads — the next few months will bring you a series of phased stages to help you transition away from the old method of managing Product Ads. We are excited to offer Bing Shopping Campaigns to help you make smarter connections to achieve more by saving you time and allocating your budgets more precisely with improved conveniences like enhanced reporting right down to the ID level.”

Bing updated its iOS mobile app and launched a new Android version this week. Microsoft’s updates help users find and do things easier from their phones. Buttons on the home page give users the option to choose from near me, restaurants, movies, and images to help them get started. Third-party apps like Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, and more are given space for content in relevant areas for people looking to make dinner reservations, find store reviews, and more. Search Engine Land points out that there is even an Uber integration for users looking for a ride. These are just a few of the updates to the new Bing apps on Android and iOS phones. Check them out for yourselves! Android users can find the update in the Google Play Store and iOS users in the Apple App Store.


"The Android update is the bigger update, essentially bringing feature parity with Bing for iOS. The company has done a nice job with both apps, enabling users to get much more information with much less typing. The idea, according to Microsoft, is to help users “find” and “do” faster."

Facebook celebrated its 12th birthday this week. February 4 was Facebook’s 12th birthday and the day they recognize as Friends Day. On this day, Facebook and it’s over one billion users, celebrated friendship and connections with videos that show special moments and memories with users’ friends. Facebook also shared updated data on degrees of separation between users. Over the past five years, the Facebook community has grown and the degree of separation between Facebook users has decreased to 3.57 degrees, down from 3.74 degrees in 2011. The Facebook community is growing closer and closer together, which means the world is becoming much more connected, making it easier for information to spread quickly and easily. The made up holiday’s hashtag, #FriendsDay, was even trending on Twitter for most of the day on Thursday. Something for brands to think about.



“When people connect, powerful things happen and lives are changed. We see this on Facebook every day, whether it’s an exchange with an old friend that brings a smile to your face or a new connection that changes your life path, or even the world.”

Facebook’s latest algorithm update could negatively affect referral traffic. A blog post early this week from Facebook’s Software Engineers warns users of a News Feed algorithm update coming to Facebook. This update continues to work towards showing users the stories that matter most to them. Facebook says that with their Feed Quality Panel data, which consists of tens of thousands of users’ input each day, they are able to better customize each users’ News Feed with questions like “How much did you want to see this story in your News Feed?” They use information like clicks, likes, and comments on posts to determine if people would be interested in seeing certain stories at the top of their feed.

So what does this mean for Pages? Facebook says the impact will vary, however some pages may see a decline or increase in referral traffic depending on how much people report wanting to see those types of stories in their news feeds. This demonstrates the importance of knowing your audience and providing content that’s important to them.

“We saw through our research that people reported having a better News Feed experience when the stories they see at the top are stories they are both likely to rate highly if asked and likely to engage with.

We are making an update to News Feed that combines these two signals. News Feed will begin to look at both the probability that you would want to see the story at the top of your feed and the probability that you will like, comment on, click or share a story. We will rank stories higher in feed which we think people might take action on, and which people might want to see near the top of their News Feed.”

Thanks for getting caught up with us! The Online Marketing industry can be pretty fast-paced and hard to keep up with. We like to make it easy to get information on the industry so you can start think of how it can help improve your business online. Stay up to date with our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn for our weekly Roundup posts.

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