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E-Power Online Marketing Roundup: The Week of January 22, 2016

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Jan 22, 2016 12:25:18 PM

Find out about updates in the Online Marketing world in this week's Online Marketing Roundup. Read more for news on blocking bad ads, Google's Search Results updates, and a new ad format from Google AdWords. In 2015, Google disabled over 780 million ads for violating their policies: Google’s investment in technology to help combat bad ads is making users’ experiences on the internet and in mobile apps better and better. Below is a list of the types of bad ads and websites that were taken care of in 2015:

  • Counterfeiters
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Weight loss scams
  • Phishing
  • Unwanted software
  • Trick to click

Google has also been working on determining when clicks are accidental from the user. This keeps the user on the mobile page or app and also saves advertisers money for clicks that were not supposed to happen. In 2015, Google received over 4 billion pieces of feedback, and this helps make advertising better for both users and advertisers. Looking into 2016, Google says it will work to stay ahead of fraudsters and advertisers who do not follow their advertising policies. Expect to continue to see improvements from a user’s standpoint and an advertiser standpoint.


“We’re always updating our technology and our policies based on your feedback—and working to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters. In 2016, we’re planning updates like further restricting what can be advertised as effective for weight loss, and adding new protections against malware and bots. We want to make sure all the ads you see are helpful and welcome and we’ll keep fighting to make that a reality.”

Google’s Search Results Page now shows recent purchases: While it may seem creepy to many people, it might just as well be helpful and interesting to others. Chris Lake from Search Engine Watch explains that it’s an evolution of Google Now, an “intelligent personal assistant”, and it makes sense. Google’s Search Help page explains that you can search for things like “my events”, “my packages”, or even “my bills”, and the Search Results Page will display that information, which is being pulled from Google products like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google+. Don’t worry – your results are not public. I did a search for my recent purchases, and a fitness calendar I purchased on my phone popped up. Now, I’m wondering what the benefit is with this and how it will affect Online Marketers in the future. Right off the bat, we see that this pushes organic listings down the page. New information cards, ads with Sitelink Extensions, social carousels, and other items are taking up more and more space in the search results page. While many of these, like Sitelink Extensions and social carousels, can be beneficial for brands, it’s hard to think that personal things like your recent purchases might distract from the results around it.


“Google is turning the search interface into a personal ‘tell me about my X’ tool. Makes you think about its “organising the world’s information” mission statement. Now it’s specifically organising your own personal information.”

Real-Time ads in Google are currently in beta and are expected to roll out more broadly later this year: These types of ads allow advertisers to push ads out instantly on YouTube, hundreds of thousands of apps, and the Google Display Network, which consists of over 2 million websites. This is extremely beneficial for brands who want to stay connected with their audience, especially in big moments. Some of these moments may include the Super Bowl Halftime Show or an intense episode of Game of Thrones (Is it April yet?). How can you utilize this ad format to engage with your audience?


“There are millions of moments that bring everyone together during live events - the play that clinches the game, or that “left shark” performance during the halftime show. To help brands be a part of these conversations in a way that's timely and relevant, today we're opening our Real-time ads beta to more brands including Wix.com, and we plan to roll it out more broadly later this year.”

What do you think of this week's updates? The industry is quick to change and can be hard to keep up with. Our team of Online Marketing experts keep up with the industry’s changes so you don’t have to! Stay tuned to our Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn for our weekly Roundup posts.

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