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E-Power Online Marketing Roundup: The Week of January 29, 2016

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Jan 29, 2016 11:30:00 AM

This week’s Online Marketing Roundup covers Yahoo! Gemini’s 2016 goals, Facebook Advertising updates, and more from the Online Marketing industry. Read more for the good stuff!

Google Adwords has launched a custom formulas feature to the custom columns tool. Last year, AdWords launched custom columns, which let advertisers create columns based on their needs with a combination of metrics available in the platform. This week, AdWords launched a new feature in this tool: custom formulas, which allows advertisers to create formulas based on their needs. If we measure phone call leads and form leads, we might want to easily see what percentage of those total leads are coming from phone calls or vice versa. This formula also allows for taking a look at the potential profit the AdWords programs are generating, right in the data tables.


“For example, to see the percentage of clicks you get from mobile devices, create a custom column that divides mobile clicks by total clicks. Or let’s say you’re a shoe retailer and enjoy a 40% profit margin for each pair of shoes you sell. To understand your total profit for each sale, ensure your conversion value column tracks revenue. Then, create a custom column that multiplies conversion value by 40% and call it ‘Estimated Profit.’”

Now you can hear from political candidates right on Google during live debates. Google has teamed up with Fox News to give users an interactive, informational way to learn more about the presidential election coming up in November. During last night’s debate, viewers were able to search “Fox News debate” to view campaign responses, highlights, and more right from the search results page. This experimental feature helps viewers learn more about the candidates and where they stand on issues. Google Trends also offers valuable insight into search trends about the candidates and the election. Viewers were able answer poll questions about issues, which Fox News then covered on air after the debate was over.


“To help people get informed before heading to the polls, we’re integrating three new components into the debate: a way to hear directly from candidates on Google; real-time Google Trends data; and questions from some of YouTube’s most prominent voices.”

Instagram is showing 13x more ads than it was 5 months ago. The last reported number from December 2015 was 670 million ad impressions compared to 50 million in August when the social network released their API for advertisers. It’s important for brands to start to take advantage of this new and growing platform, especially if there are opportunities for you to promote your brand visually.


“Instagram has to find a delicate balance between keeping advertisers happy, and keeping its users happy. Instagram hasn’t reported on its daily active user count since September last year, around the same time it started to ramp up the number of ads served each month.”

Facebook Rolls Out Audience Optimization: Late last week, Facebook announced it was introducing Audience Optimization for publishers, a targeting tool to help publishers organically reach and engage specific audiences on Facebook. This week, we’ve been seeing this option become available to Facebook pages! Our Social Media team is excited to see new organic targeting options become available and all of the new features offered to publishers, including the ability to:

  • Set your preferred audience, which includes adding interest tags to posts to help content be seen by a more relevant audience
  • Set audience restrictions, which enables publishers to limit the visibility of certain posts by age, language, location and gender
  • Explore audience insights, including interest tag breakdowns and engagement, click and share rates.


“With Audience Optimization, Facebook may be more inclined to show your post on a specific topic to 5% of your fans who are interested in that topic, based on your specifications. This would ideally result in better engagement.”

Yahoo! Gemini laid out their key priorities for 2016 this week. In 2016, Yahoo! Gemini will be focusing on creating a better user experience in search as well as integrating more with Search Engine Marketing tool providers. The search engine also plans to make mobile ads perform better. With no signs of slowing down, mobile usage is growing and growing. This will be important for Yahoo! Gemini moving forward as competitors like Google are already well on their way to adapting to mobile device usage. Other focuses include improving and creating more native ad solutions for advertisers and giving advertisers better ways to prove the value of their advertising spend.


“As we planned our priorities for 2016, the Yahoo Gemini product team wanted to tackle solving some of the biggest challenges facing marketers today. We’ve spoken to hundreds of advertisers like you, and we’ve heard common themes about the consumer trends or business challenges that keep you up at night. Our 2016 strategy is all about creating innovative solutions that will make our advertisers’ lives easier, while helping to improve ROI.”

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