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E-Power Online Marketing Roundup: The Week of March 4, 2016

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Mar 4, 2016 10:50:31 AM

Get some insights on Local Search Marketing, Facebook’s algorithm update (again!), election candidate issues in the Google SERPs, and more from the Online Marketing industry in this week’s E-Power Roundup.

Facebook is Updating Its Algorithm to Show Live Videos Higher in Your News Feeds: According to Facebook, users are spending three times as much time watching live videos versus non-live videos. That’s a pretty significant difference! Because of this, Facebook is considering adding Live Videos as a new content type. They claim this won’t significantly affect Pages, but these changes are leading in the direction of an even larger focus on not just videos, but live videos in News Feeds. Engagement with your target audience is important, and Live Video streaming gives brands the perfect opportunity to do so. Think about how your brand can take advantage of this. What kinds of things do you want to share with your audience live?


“Now that more and more people are watching Live videos, we are considering Live Videos as a new content type – different from normal videos – and learning how to rank them for people in News Feed. As a first step, we are making a small update to News Feed so that Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear higher in News Feed when those videos are actually live, compared to after they are no longer live. People spend more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video on average compared to a video that’s no longer live. This is because Facebook Live videos are more interesting in the moment than after the fact.”


Microsoft Relaunched Academic Search This Week: Now powered by Bing, Microsoft Academic is more scalable, responsive, and compatible with current web browsers. There doesn’t appear to be ads on this site; however the opportunity is there for the future and could be beneficial for journals and publications who publish content related to searchers’ queries.


“This new service puts a knowledge driven, semantic inference based search and recommendation framework front and center. In addition, a new data structure and graph engine have been developed to facilitate the real-time intent recognition and knowledge serving. One illustrating feature is semantic query suggestions that identify authors, topics, journals, conferences, etc., as you type and offer ways to refine your search based on the data in the underlying academic knowledge graph. “


Google is Showing Election Issues by Candidate in the Search Results Page: This feature was spotted early this week and gives searchers information all in one spot on where candidates state on important issues. To get a peak at where candidates stand, simply type their name with “on the issues” in the search bar.



“You are given a list of issues, which you can example and then you can click into the issues and get a carousel of tweets and news articles on their stance.”


Prioritizing Local Search Profile Listings: Earlier this week, Search Engine Land released an updated article on Local Search Marketing and prioritizing Local Search profile listings. The information touches on two different methods to use when deciding what local business listings are worth the investment for your company, local business listing site domain authority, and Local Search behavior in Google Analytics. Learn about these two different methods to determine which one is the best option for your business to manage local search listings.


“The challenge arises when determining where to focus your local listing management efforts. Claiming profiles and taking ownership over ones that were previously managed by someone else can be a lengthy process (sometimes taking months), and it is important to understand which local business listing sites to focus on when initiating a local listing management strategy.”


Where Local Searches Start - Learning Where to Market Your Small Business: In other Local Search Marketing news, Search Engine Journal shared a Blog post earlier this year about where small businesses should be marketing themselves to improve their positions on local search. The infographic below shows where constomers are starting their searches. It is important to focus on other area such as: niche directories, customer reviews, online directories, mapping apps, and coupon websites. Is your local business making the most of Local Search? E-Power Marketing’s team of experts can help your business become successful online with Local Search Marketing.


“Although there’s certainly no doubt that local SEO is still important, almost two-thirds of consumers start somewhere other than Google.”

The 2016 Oscars on Twitter: Did you catch the 88th Academy Awards on Sunday? Even if you didn’t watch, odds are you saw some of the buzz across Social Media. After the Oscars, Twitter shared some of the most buzzed about moments, measured by Tweets. It’s probably no surprise that the most Tweeted about moment was when Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar for Best Actor in The Revenant. This monumental moment generated more than 440,000 Tweets per minute, and beat the previous Oscars record of 255,000 Tweets per minute after Ellen DeGeneres took a celebrity-filled selfie. The night’s other top Twitter moments is when the movie Spotlight took home Best Picture, and when Mad Max: Fury Road won its sixth Oscar in the category Sound Mixing. What was your favorite moment from this year’s Oscars?

“Hollywood gathered for the 88th Academy Awards (@TheAcademy) to commemorate the past year of filmmaking. And as the glitz and glamour took place in Los Angeles, the rest of the world was able to celebrate alongside them, as it happened, on Twitter.”

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