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E-Power Online Marketing Roundup: The Week of November 13, 2015

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Nov 13, 2015 10:51:23 AM

Another Friday means it’s time for us to share updates and new features from the Online Marketing industry! It was another eventful week, so be sure to check out our Roundup to learn more about this week’s happenings.

Facebook Launches ‘Notify’: This week Facebook introduced Notify, a standalone news app that allows users to subscribe to real-time updates from a variety of news sources. What makes this app different than standard RSS feeds is that in addition to choosing the news sources they subscribe to, users are able to customize their notifications to the specific types of notifications they receive from each source.

"As shown in the video, Notify is a standalone app that enables you to get real-time updates from the news sources of your choice, delivered via push notification direct to your phone. Where Notify is different from a regular RSS feed or similar, however, is in the degree to which you can customize your notifications – you can refine your news updates down to not only specific publishers, but to the types of updates you want from each…”

Snapchat Users Watch 6+ Billion Videos Per Day: In last week’s Online Marketing Roundup Blog post, we noted how Facebook reported 8 billion daily video views in its Q3 numbers. Well, this week Snapchat confirmed that users are watching more than 6 billion videos a day! On average, how many Snaps do you watch each day?


"Based on Snapchat’s 100 million daily users, the average person is watching 60 video clips on the app, which would make sense, considering Snapchat clips max out at 10 seconds long.”

Google Continues to Roll Out Tools to Help Advertisers During the Holiday Season: On Monday, Product Manager of Google Shopping, Dimitris Meretakis, announced two new features to Google Shopping campaigns: a product groups tab and a mobile bid adjustment simulator. The product groups tab lets us take a look at performance of certain product groups and filter through those to make changes without having to review all product groups at once. The mobile bid adjustment simulator allows us to see what would happen if we focused more or less on mobile bids. Mobile is incredibly important for today’s shoppers. In fact, Google says that shopping-related mobile search have grown more than 120% year-over-year*. These new features help us optimize our Shopping campaigns easier and more effectively to bring better results for our clients.

"Though Black Friday and Cyber Monday remain key traffic drivers, mobile will make every day a shopping day. As a retailer, you’ll want to prepare your budgets and campaigns for peak traffic drivers but also optimize to reach shoppers throughout the holiday season."

*Google Global search data Q3 2014-Q3 2015, as defined by searches that trigger Shopping ads

Bing has Released its Own Mobile-Friendliness Test: If you’re looking to find out if your website is mobile friendly – an important trait to have these days – you can now check Bing’s Mobile-Friendliness tool. This tool will look at elements like the width of your page’s content, readability, link spacing, and more. If your website is mobile-friendly, then you’re all set! If not, the testing tool will let you know what you can adjust to make it mobile-friendly. If you’ve used Google’s Mobile Friendly tool, you are familiar with how the tool works. Both are tools you can – and should – use to determine if your site is mobile friendly.

"When testing sites on both Google’s and Bing’s tools, I found that both tools picked up on the same things. One offered little advantage over the other when it comes to assessing mobile-friendliness. However, Bing’s tool was noticeably faster and arguably more user-friendly in its presentation."

Google AdWords is Testing a New Ad Format – Text Messages: This new ad format doesn’t appear to be available for advertisers, but Google is testing delivering the latest brand offers and updates straight to consumers’ phones via text message. It will be exciting to see how this evolves and how it will affect advertisers if it is eventually released as a new ad format. Get details from AdWords’ Google+ post on how you can opt in to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday deals!


"Let’s say, for example, that a consumer searches for “black friday deals” and subscribes from the ad below. They can now receive text messages from Google on their mobile device showcasing relevant offers from a variety of retailers. Consumers can choose from a variety of product categories including computers, phones and gaming consoles."

As always, be sure to keep up with our Blog, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn channels throughout the week for news from E-Power and the Online Marketing industry.

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