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E-Power Online Marketing Roundup: The Week of November 20, 2015

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Nov 20, 2015 2:00:07 PM

This week’s Online Marketing Roundup features news and updates from Google, Bing and Facebook. Get caught up and read some of this week’s industry highlights.

Image Extensions Are Now Available in Bing Ads: Advertisers can now add up to 6 images alongside ad copy on the Bing network. Image Extensions promote your product or service in a visual way on both desktops and tablets and can appear with other extensions as well including Sitelinks and Call Extensions. This takes up more room on the search results page, helping to improve click-through-rates and visibility. Additionally, we have the option to use unique URLs for each image. So, if you’re a retailer and want to show images featuring your winter jackets, when a user clicks on that winter jacket, it could take them to the exact page where they can purchase that product. Cool, huh? Bing Ads is working on bulk upload capabilities and multi-image layouts to determine the most effective way these images can be displayed. Check out some mock ups below.


"Visuals can help set your ad apart. Image extensions are a way to visually promote your product or service, help increase traffic, raise brand awareness and elicit better quality traffic by showing searchers up front what to expect when they click your ad."

Advertisers Can Now Use Click Share Data to Optimize Shopping Campaigns: Google is on a roll this holiday season when it comes to helping online advertisers with optimizing their shopping campaigns. Last week we talked about product group tabs and a mobile bid adjustment simulator, and in October we talked about Google’s Shopping Insights. On Monday, Google launched a new metric called click share, which shows the percentage of total possible clicks received by Shopping ads and can be used to help fine tune campaigns. This is especially helpful during the holiday season where every day is a shopping day.



"Today we’re launching click share to better help you identify when you’re missing out on traffic. Click share is a new metric that shows the percentage of total possible clicks received by your Shopping ads."

The Google Display Network Introduced Three Key Improvements to Viewability on the GDN: According to Think with Google, 56% of all display ads and 46% of all video ads are not viewable because they are either below the fold, scrolled out of view, or in a background tab. That really adds up for campaigns that are being charged per impression. Google’s improvements announced this week will help advertisers address this problem. First, all cost-per-impression campaigns are now viewable cost-per-impression campaigns. This means that advertisers won’t pay for an impression unless a user actually views the ad. Additionally, advertisers now have more control over how many times an ad appears to the same user. Now frequency capping will only count viewable impressions. Finally, Google has added supplementary metrics built around the viewability standard to help advertisers get a better picture of their display and video campaign performance.


“For several years, we’ve been working to help advertisers address this challenge and today we are introducing 3 key improvements: the upgrade of all CPM campaigns to viewable CPM campaigns; new viewable frequency capping; and supplementary reporting metrics built on the viewability standard.”

Facebook is Testing Tools to Help Users After Relationships End: Some break ups are good, others are bad, and some are just plain ugly! No matter your breakup experience, Facebook has started testing tools to help its users control how they interact with former partners on the Social Network after the relationship has ended. According to Facebook, when users change their relationship status they’ll be prompted to try new tools that will allow them to see less posts from their ex without having to unfriend or block them, limit the content their ex will be able to see, and edit or untag past posts with their former partner.


"Facebook is a place for sharing life’s important moments, which for many people include their romantic relationships. When a relationship ends, we’ve heard from people that they sometimes have questions about the options available to them on Facebook."

Red "Live" Label in Carousel for Live Blog Publishers Launches on Google: Last month, Google had been testing a new red “live” label for live Blog publishers that highlighted content being covered by reporters and journalists in real-time. Previously this capability was only available to a handful of publishers, but earlier this week, Google announced that this feature is open to real-time online publishers. Animated Photo"Starting today, we are making the markup that powers these live blog carousels publicly available. So, if you’re a publisher interested in improving the way that users find your content in Google Search, head over to g.co/LiveBlogMarkup to learn more."

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, our next Online Marketing Roundup Blog post will be on Friday, December 4. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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