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E-Power Online Marketing Roundup: The Week of November 6, 2015

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Nov 6, 2015 3:21:00 PM
It was a busy week for Google, with the launch of new AdWords features, testing a split view language on mobile search and introducing special holiday hours for Google My Business. In addition, Facebook announced its Q3 numbers. Read this week’s Online Marketing Roundup to learn more about this week's industry highlights.

Cross-Device Conversions are now Included in the Conversions Column in AdWords: You might be wondering what cross-device conversions are. These are measured when a user begins a purchase on one device and finishes on another. Google says that 40% of online shoppers start their research on a smartphone or tablet and eventually make their purchase on a computer or tablet device. It's now easier for advertisers to keep track of all conversions in the same column. It may be small, but changes like these really start to make a difference in an Online Advertiser's day!

Google - Inside AdWords
"Cross-device conversions will begin rolling out at the keyword-level and can be included in the main Conversions column that already includes website sales, phone calls and app downloads. By showing all conversions in one place, advertisers can get deeper insight into all the ways customers are engaging with their businesses. It's also easier than ever to take action on these insights: with all of your conversions in the same column, you can quickly enable automated bidding to optimize for the conversions that matter." 

Google Testing Split View Language Interface for Mobile: Earlier this week, Abhijeet Mukherjee, a web publisher based in India, Tweeted a screenshot with evidence of Google testing a split view language interface on mobile. As shown in the screenshot, search results can be filtered in both English and another language at the touch of a button. For web users who are multilingual, or for countries with more than one language preference, this type of results function could prove beneficial.

Google Search Languages
"I believe in India, having this split view can be very helpful for the average searcher there. Most of those who live in India speak both languages well, from what I understand." 

Special Holiday Hours For Google My Business Listings: With the holiday season in sight, Google rolled out a new feature for business owners who utilize Google My Business: special hours. In making this change, Google is allowing businesses to add special hours for known holidays in their region. Customers looking at a business’s hours of operation in Google My Business will be told which hours are "Holiday Hours" as opposed to normally operating times. Even if businesses don’t update special holiday hours, Google will make a point to let customers know that the business’s "hours might differ" on those days.

Google My Business Holiday Hours

"The holiday season is fast approaching and with it customers looking for last minute gifts. They are wondering when they can visit your business and counting on your business information being correct on Google." 

Facebook Releases Q3 Numbers: Earlier this week Facebook shared its Q3 numbers, and the numbers don't lie! The Social Network is continuing to grow at a steady rate, with a 4.02% increase in quarter over quarter monthly active users. Other noteworthy numbers included a 5.4% increase in mobile daily active users, 8 billion daily video views, and that 65% of Facebook users log in to the channel every day.

Facebook Q3 Stats
"Facebook saw its most significant user growth in the Asia Pacific, increasing 5.24% on the previous quarter and now reaching 522 million users in the region. In terms of daily active users (DAUs), Facebook is now reaching over 1 billion users, on average, every day." 

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