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Meet the E-Power Team!

Emma Wurl - Online Marketing Intern

Joining the team in 2016 through E-Power's internship program, Emma has been supporting our client programs and keeping the team laughing ever since! Emma is a full time student at UW-Oshkosh, where she's pursuing a Bachelor's of Business Administration degree in Marketing with a Web Presence Management emphasis. 

Between classes, Emma is at the office working on any number of projects to help the team.  She works closely with Account Leads to schedule and compile  our client reports, and handles any number of SEO, online advertising, social media and content marketing projects that are thrown her way!  She's also proven herself to be a valuable asset in support of the agency, helping to develop marketing materials and more! 

Emma's time management skills are top notch, as she balances a busy academic workload, her hours at E-Power, and her work at the Student Leadership and Involvement Center (SLIC)! When she's not crafting the perfect Instagram caption or ordering late-night cookies for a study break, Emma is meticulously organizing her planner, spending quality time with family and friends or planning her next great adventure! 


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Tomahawk, WI
  • College & major(s): University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh, Marketing with a Web Presence Management emphasis
  • Joined E-Power: 2016
  • First Car: 2001 Honda Odyssey
  • Certifications:  Google AdWords
  • If you weren’t our Online Marketing Intern, what other job would you have? Travel blogger!


  • Thing(s) to hoard: Letters & cards from family and friends
  • Food: Pizza
  • Social Media Platform: Instagram
  • Smells:  Fall scents, freshly cut grass, campfire