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About E-Power Marketing

In 1998, Larry Stopa understood the importance of the web for businesses and saw an opportunity to marry his love for marketing communications and new technology. From his Chicago apartment, he created E-Power Marketing and had clients from coast to coast within months. Realizing that he could provide top-notch online marketing services from anywhere and ready for an easier commute and more outdoor adventures for his family, Larry relocated to Oshkosh, WI in 2000.

E-Power has been implementing effective search engine optimization strategies since the beginning, before Google was even launched. Through the years, we have added to our core service offerings to include online advertising,  inbound marketing, social media, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, local search, and many other tactics, strategies and tools. Whether you are looking to boost qualified traffic, generate more leads, increase your sales or build your brand, online marketing is the answer, and E-Power Marketing is the agency.

With strategic hires and a sense of teamwork and community, the brand has taken root in Oshkosh. While our clients are still scattered from coast to coast, our Northeast Wisconsin office serves as a collaborative, supportive, creative hub for our work. With a team of ten,  and satellite offices back in Chicago and near Madison, we are ready to serve.

With each new hire, E-Power grows not only our team, but our diverse skill set and areas of expertise. As team members dive in and dedicate their careers to online marketing, niches form and specialties shine. By encouraging everyone’s unique abilities and gifts, our team comes together to deliver the strongest, most beneficial programs for our clients.  Our open office and focus on creativity and collaboration allow us to work in sync for our clients’ benefit.

"Competitiveness online continues to grow more complex as much as successful strategies grow more sophisticated. E-Power Marketing is committed to remaining among top tier digital agencies delivering innovative and effective programs that drive remarkable results."

- Larry Stopa

Why Choose Us



Online marketing isn't a quick fix, and it's certainly not easy. Constantly focused on results, the work we put in for our clients requires ongoing education, commitment to the field and a strong sense of responsibility.

At E-Power Marketing, we take pride in those responsibilities, celebrating our clients' successes and working harder to overcome their challenges. We are not a 9 to 5 SEM agency that leaves work at work. We put in the hours, attend the seminars, get the certifications and do the work to consistently generate results for our clients.



E-Power Marketing believes in working with our clients, not for them. We can't do our job correctly without a strong and open line of communication, and that goes both ways. 

One of the main reasons E-Power Marketing has been successful since 1998, is because of our belief in transparency & open communication. Our clients know our responsibilities, the strategies and tactics we're using, and how their money is being spent to meet their program goals. Reports are as important as results. We'll show you where our time is being spent, so you know where your money is going.



The E-Power Marketing team does not work as a group of individuals with separate responsibilities. We don't even have separate offices!

The E-Power mindset is one of cooperation and team work. Our team members have individual specialties, but we work together to make sure each client benefits from our staff's experiences and expertise.

Our open concept makes it that much easier for us to discuss ideas back and forth, check in on the progress of different client projects. It also makes it very easy to see who's taken the last cup of coffee!

From Our Clients:

       E-Power's dedicated team provides a solid network of optimization analysts. Their experience and wisdom has provided my company with practical solutions to boost revenue...by propelling my business from out of the pack to the top of the leading search engines. Honesty, straightforwardness, and consistency ... pretty good qualities to have in a partner like E-Power Marketing.

Dave Phelps
President, Liner World
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